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NAT’L – GUN NEWS – What Do We Lose if Remington Does Not Come Back?

NBig Green is in bankruptcy, again… and evidently the assets of Remington proper have been secured by a company titled Richmond Italia. Little else is known of them except their stated comments to keep Remington viable at some level. “Some level?” In 2017 the Ilion, New York plant employed some 700 personnel with 200 making the Marlin lineup. Sturm, Ruger, & Co bought the Marlin line and hopefully will be producing it somewhere. Currently, Richmond Italia has retained 200 hourly employees to make Remington Arms. The catalog will be sporting arms exclusively. Firearms made for military contracts are not expected. This is good news that we all hope works out. If Remington Arms were to eventually fade from existence, what would that mean? If you are a Remington fan as I am, then first off there would be no new Model 700 rifles. What a void that would create in the hunting firearms market. I consider Model 700 rifles among the best ever made. Sure there have been some production glitches or less-than-stellar quality over the years, but then even the big automakers have had repeated recalls so it is just part of manufacturing. It is a tough business in the best of times. Remington rifles are primo. Next, on the list would be the most iconic, pump-action shotgun ever made: the Remington 870. Millions have been made in a wide variety of models from plain-jane Sportsman models to deluxe versions with high gloss stocks and shiny blued steel. Remington 870s have been made to tackle upland game, wild turkey, waterfowl from ducks to geese, and even slug barrels for deer hunting. This is the same shotguns seen in war trenches and in the lock housings of endless law enforcement cruisers across America.  [full article]

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