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Attacks by Wildlife VIDEOS

Bison attacks girls taking selfies. Woman trampled by buffalo.  1:54 min.

Getting too close for comfort got these people running for their lives.

Bison Charges at Tourist  1:32 min.

Yellowstone visitor is abruptly tossed by a bison.

Mountain lion gets in guy’s face!  3:05 min.

Intense face to face encounter with man and mountain lion!

Cougar Comes Face to Face With Hikers  1:46 min.

Two hikers had a terrifying encounter when they stumbled across the path of a mountain lion.

Ever Encounter a Skunk While Hiking? Just Talk to It!  :50 sec.

Hiking with Skunks – Tips on working with them

Animal Proofing Your Campsite  2:40 min.

In this episode of Backpacking TV, Eric Hanson explains how to secure your campsite to avoid unpleasant encounters with wildlife.

Yellowstone National Park Grizzly Bear Attack Leaves Hiker Dead  1:40 min.

Clayton Sandell on fatal bear attack inside the park.

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