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Averting a Lockdown

For more than 40 years the SHOT (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade) Show has been the engine that drives the firearms industry. The federal government, largest victim of the coronavirus pandemic,

has hit the nation’s economy like probably no other disaster in American history. Hurricanes, tornadoes, wars around the world, wildfires, floods, and several other massively staged events, including even some presidential elections all play a part. But, when the C-19 bug arrived it had an effect on our freedoms like nothing else we’d ever seen.

As the misery unfolded, and with it the loss of hundreds of thousands of American lives, this country at first struggled to find out the source of the problem. Immediately following that – and with little to no experience dealing with a problem of such size and uncertainty – we began “folding” into panic mode, the result of which took away the everyday freedom of a huge mass of the U.S. population. Every conceivable business immediately panicked for lack of what to do next. That included the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the gun industry’s keeper of the flame.

No heads rolled, however, despite revenue loss as the firearms community began to bond together to deal with the uncertainty of a lockdown. With the January debut of the 2021 SHOT Show well underway, it became obvious to most all industry observers that there were two choices from which to draw; lockdown or move on. Fortunately, the NSSF chose the latter.

The story at the top of our GUN HEADLINES section details how the NSSF, in what has to be record time, began putting together not a band-aid but something akin to human open heart surgery. They looked inward and decided to create what may become the forerunner of how to perform in a new age of trade shows.

It would be too complicated to tell the majority of our readers how the SHOT Show works, and for whom. But if you dig down deep into the story – designed, by the way as an alert to the gun media – you’ll see that the braintrust in Newtown, Connecticut, was working overtime to provide gun distributors, gun makers, gun retailers, and gun media tools with which they had never before afforded much attention. Now, however, we may all be seeing a flourishing industry making a strong comeback almost even before the last cannonball was shot.

Once the gun media reacts, more information, we trust, will become available.

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