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AZ – FIREARMS INDUSTRY – Gun groups seek to force banks to do business with firearms industry

PHOENIX — The National Rifle Association and its allies in the firearms industry want Arizona lawmakers to force banks to do business with them. In testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, lobbyists told lawmakers that some manufacturers are having problems getting loans from financial institutions. There also were complaints about retailers having access to point-of-sale terminals to process credit card transactions. This is more than a business dispute, said Michael Findlay, who represents the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Anything that hampers production and sale of weapons has the potential of infringing on the Second Amendment rights of Arizonans to bear arms, he says. The measure, HB 2827, sponsored by Rep. Frank Carroll, R-Sun City West, now awaits debate of the full House. But its future is not a sure thing, even in a legislature that has a history of approving any measure dubbed as protecting the right to own a gun. That’s because the measure could end up setting a precedent of the state telling companies with whom they have to do business.  [full article]

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