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AZ – GUN CONTROL – Protest planned for the Crossroads Gun show (VIDEO)

Protesters plan to show up at the Crossroads Gun Show which will be held at the Pima County Fairgrounds on Nov. 2 and Nov. 3. They will be led by former Tucson city council member Molly McKasson, who helped pass firearm restrictions in Tucson parks and on public transportation in the 1990s. Those laws were later overturned by the state legislature. But she is back in the gun debate again, leading a group called Citizens for a Safer Pima County. The group has been trying to get the county to end the show on public property unless it adopts a practice of universal background checks — even for private person-to-person sales. Right now, person-to-person sales, where no dealer is involved, does not require a background check. “They can buy anything, an AR-15 semi-automatic, an AK-47,” McKasson said. “They can buy it with no background check.” [full article]

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