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AZ – GUN RIGHTS – A man with a gun walked into my hair salon. Here’s what I did

I was waiting in the swivel chair at my hair salon when I noticed the man dressed in camouflage shorts and cap and an Army green T-shirt lingering outside. When he came in, I saw the gun in a holster on his hip. My heart beat faster. I’m not usually spooked by guns. I grew up on military bases, where a gun in the house was as expected as a lawn mower or a washing machine. After my dad retired and we moved to Arizona, he carried a Glock tucked into his cowboy boot. He made sure I knew how to shoot and took me to the range to practice. I kept his .38 special when he died. My cousin Virgil, a former Infantry Marine, runs a business teaching people about gun safety, how to shoot and teaches concealed weapon permit classes. I’ve gone shooting with him, too. But in that moment, I was scared. I glanced over my shoulder in search of an exit. There was one in the back. After the growing number of mass shootings, two just the week before in El Paso and Dayton, we’re scoping out exits and planning escape routes when we go into stores, movie theaters, concerts, churches and even schools. Nowhere feels safe. Not even a hair salon in a quiet strip mall in Mesa.  [full article]

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