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AZ – GUN RIGHTS – Gun rights rally at Arizona State Capitol

Gun rights activists – many of them carrying openly – gathered at Arizona’s State Capitol Saturday morning. The rally’s purpose was to protect an amendment some say is being threatened by the left. “My name is Jeryn Dowling…and I’m out here to support my Second Amendment.” One way Dowling did that – like many around him – was openly carrying an assault rifle. Dowling disagrees with critics who argue they are unnecessary for civilians to own. “You gotta protect yourself before you can protect others. If you’re useless, then how are they gonna be safe,” he said.The Arizona State Capitol’s lawn was littered with vendors and people of all ages, including a little boy who toted a plastic gun. His dad, Brady Pitmon, said, “I thought my kids should learn about the Second Amendment and our right to carry. And our right to our God given freedoms.” The event comes days after Arizona Senate Democrats introduced a bill that would ban possession of assault rifles and high capacity magazines. “And I’m not for that. That’s why I’m here,” James Barritt said. The Second Amendment Rally was hosted by RidersUSA.net. Fittingly, hundreds of bikers passed in front of supporters. Police blocked off the street and provided security.  [view source]

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