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AZ – HUNTING – Hunters get second shot at doves beginning Friday

The bigger white-winged doves, which Arizona hunters prefer to slip into their bird vests during the traditional 15-day season in September, are long gone and spending the winter in Mexico.

That’s not to suggest that hunters should take a pass on the state’s “second” season that opens Friday, Nov. 20. As always, the smaller but more acrobatic mourning doves will be abundant and widespread, providing plenty of wing-shooting opportunities — and, at the end of the day, some tasty table fare. The late season lasts 45 days and runs through Jan. 3, 2021. There still is a 15-bird daily bag limit, all of which must be mourning doves. The possession limit remains 45 mourning doves after opening day, of which no more than 15 may be taken in any one day. There is an unlimited daily bag and possession limit year-round for the invasive Eurasian collared-dove.  [full article]

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