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AZ – OPINION – With Biden, expect gun sales to soar

There are a lot of adjectives you can use to describe 2020. Just like all those who survived the 1929 stock market crash and subsequent economic depression, 2020 will be burned into the collective memories of 350 million Americans as their 1929 moment. Rioting, looting, the Cancel and Woke movements, COVID-19, the move to decriminalize criminal behavior combined with the defunding police movement, leading to a marked increase in, you guessed it, gun sales. Are shooting sports, like all outdoor activity, seeing a marked increase in popularity, or are more people worried about their family’s safety? A bit of both? Regardless, the federal background check system reports an incredible 19.1 million gun sales through the end of November. The National Shooting Sports Foundation reports that over 7.5 million of those purchasers are new gun owners. Beyond this showing strong support for the 2nd Amendment, the on-the-street impact has been a marked lack of inventory of firearms and ammunition across the nation’s retail stores. When supplies do arrive at any store, the stock is often depleted the day it is placed on the shelves. Speculation on social media on the reasons for the shortages are all over the map and like most social media news, it’s wrong and often designed to deceive. The reality is simple math. Twenty million guns sold — gun makers cannot keep up. If 7.5 million new gun owners buy only 2 boxes of ammunition each, that is 15 million boxes of ammunition just for the new gun owners – ammunition makers cannot keep up. Before gun and ammunition makers spend considerable funds to increase their manufacturing capacity, they have to answer the question: “Will the demand continue?” With a gun confiscation administration taking over in Washington, some cities following through with defunding their police departments and the decisions of some district attorneys to not charge people for an increasing list of criminal behavior, it is very likely the demand will continue. These are the reasons many in the firearms and ammunition business are ramping up production. [full article]

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