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AZ – RETAILERS – Arizona owner defends store with rifles, handguns during looting (VIDEO)

As protesters in Scottsdale moved down 5th Avenue, local stores had windows broken and benches along the road were damaged. The vandalism continued down the road, until protesters came to a local jewelry store. There, the protesters found a handful of people inside the store, armed with rifles and handguns. The people were inside the store with guns because they had heard what happened to the Apple store at Scottsdale Fashion Square and wanted to protect their private property, the store owner’s son said. “We weren’t here to hurt anybody. We weren’t here to harm anybody,” the store owner’s son, who did not wish to be identified by name, said. “After seeing exactly what happened to the Apple store, this isn’t protesting, this isn’t rioting, this is crime.” The protesters stopped and proceeded to hold a bit of a protest, kneeling and raising their arms in front of the store.  [view source]

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