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AZ – SELF –PROTECTION – Arizona bills: Allow more guns in gov’t buildings, block local enforcement of US gun laws

State lawmakers are moving to let more people carry guns into government buildings. They also want to block local law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws. On a party-line vote, the House Committee on Government and Elections approved legislation that says if someone has a state-issued permit to carry a concealed weapon, they would be free to ignore “no guns” signs posted on government doors. The only way cities and counties could enforce a gun-free zone would be to install metal detectors and hire people to staff the equipment. Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, said that makes sense. “Placing a sticker that says ‘no weapons allowed’ with a little red hash, that stops law-abiding citizens from bringing weapons into government buildings,” he said. “It doesn’t stop criminals, potentially dangerous criminals,” he said. “So what you do is you create gun-free zones where the honest people are disarmed and the criminals can go in and have an advantage.” House 2551 does not contain any funds for local governments to buy and staff the equipment. Former Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed similar measures at least three times, citing concerns about the legislation being an “unfunded mandate.” But supporters of the measure said there is no such mandate. Let people bring their guns into government buildings, they said, or provide protection by keeping out everyone who might have a gun through screening by metal detectors.“That’s really a decision on the part of the facility,” said Rep. Frank Carroll, R-Sun City West. “And they would be economically ahead by abiding by the law, for the amount of citizens that do attend these facilities, to allow them and put the trust back into people.”  [full article]

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