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AZ – TRAINING – Keeping Guns Out of the Woods

Six months ago, the idea of picking up a pistol and learning to shoot it made Flagstaff resident Julie Street nervous. Today, Street is so skilled and comfortable with the pistol as her preferred firearm that she has participated in competitive shooting events with the Flagstaff Action Shooters group. It is handy for Street that her new love for the pistol can be nurtured just down the street from her home at the year-old Timberline Firearms & Training facility. Outfitted with electronic earmuffs, safety goggles, closed-toed shoes, a holster and pistol, Street comes for pistol practice two or more times a week and slips into one of the 12 shooting lanes in the two bays. Street grew up in rural East Mesa and rifles and shotguns were part of her childhood experience. “My parents were hunters, so we just grew up around it, and we ate the food my parents hunted,” Street recalled. “My parents would take us out when we were really little to shoot BB guns to start, and then we got to move into the rifles and shotguns when we were about 10.”  [full article]

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