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Barnett HyperGhost, HyperFlite Combination: Hyper Performance

Tarpon Springs, FL (August 13, 2019) – As crossbow technology continues to improve, serious crossbow hunters looking for an edge in terminal performance need to look no further than the combination of Barnett’s HyperGhost crossbow and exclusive HyperFlite™ arrows. 

The HyperGhost features everything a serious crossbow hunter seeks in a high-performance bow, sending arrows off at 425 fps with pinpoint accuracy. Weighing just 7.7 lbs. and measuring 36.25 inches long and 20.375 inches wide, it’s easy to maneuver both on the ground and in the trees. Other premium features, including a 1.5-5×32 illuminated scope, CNC machined aluminum flight track, retractable underarm counterbalance support, Soft Lok™ floating bristle arrow retainer, and updated anti-dry fire TriggerTech™ trigger, help set it apart. Also included is a rope cocking sled, side-mount detachable quiver, and three HyperFlite™ arrows with R.O.C. insert system. Best of all, its suggested retail price is hundreds of dollars less than other high-end crossbows. 

And then there are Barnett’s patented exclusive small-diameter, 22-inch HyperFlite™ arrows. Most crossbows accept only standard-diameter arrows, but .204-inch HyperFlite™ shafts — designed specifically for use with Barnett’s Hyper™ series crossbows – are a game-changer. With a straightness of +/- .001-inch, they’re supremely accurate. These small-diameter shafts have been proven to significantly reduce wind drift as well as out-penetrate larger-diameter arrows thanks to much less surface drag and friction. Barnett’s testing has shown that penetration can be up to 25 percent more than when using standard-diameter arrows, all other things being equal. Crossbow shooters looking to step up their game will enjoy making the switch to the HyperFlite™, a more accurate, deeper-penetrating arrow. The combination of consistency, speed, accuracy, and penetration makes the Hyper™ series crossbows and HyperFlite™ arrows a stand-alone winner in the crossbow market.

Barnett HyperGhost Specs:

  • Length: 36.25 inches
  • Width: 20.375 inches
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs.
  • Axle-to-Axle Length: 17.667 inches
  • Draw Weight: 206 lbs.
  • Power Stroke: 16.33 inches
  • Speed:425 fps
  • Trigger Type: TriggerTech
  • Optic: 1.5-5×32 illuminated scope
  • Color: Mossy Oak Original Treestand
  • MSRP: $1299

HyperFlite™ Arrow Specs:

  • Designed for exclusive use with Barnett Hyper™ series crossbows
  • Length: 22 inches
  • Straightness: .001-inch
  • Inner Diameter: .204-inch
  • Fletching: 2-inch Blazer vanes
  • Compatible with standard broadheads and field points
  • Positive nock system that snaps onto the bowstring

MSRP: $54.99 (3-Pack)

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