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Bear Encounter VIDEOS

Backpacking Bear Encounters – Truth and Myth, 8:05 min.

Which will be more “spooked” when a human surprisingly encounters a bear; the human or the bear? You choose.

Black Bear Attack – Charging Black Bear Gets Stopped By Bear Spray, 2:16 min.

These two young bears came to investigate. These bears are approx. 2 years old and weigh about 150 lbs.

Black Bear Attempts Walking Across a Rope For A Bite Of This Tasty Beaver, 1:59 min.

Pat Garrett of Garrett Outfitting, catches this black bear on video as he attempts to get to this beaver tied up on a rope in a tree!

Bear Climbs into Tree Stand with Hunter! 2:03 min.

I was lucky enough to capture this unbelievable footage during my Saskatchewan Black Bear hunt when this sow climbed into my tree stand with me!

Bears in the Modern World – Electric Deer, 3:27 min.

A Montana grizzly bear attempts to retrieve an electrically charged, road-killed deer. The deer is electrified as an experiment to protect hunters’ game kills and, in turn, to minimize bear-human encounters.

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