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Bear Hunting VIDEOS

ALL NATURAL – Spring Black Bear Hunt 8:48 min.

It’s spring and the bears are out. We take you through a day of bear hunting including a very cool mountain lion encounter and end it all with a bear on the ground.

Black Bears at Big Angles in Idaho – Long Range Hunting 4:11 min.

Travis Schneider and the Stuck N The Rut Crew take some Idaho Black Bears at long range. Shooting straight up or straight down a hill, do you know how to compensate? Watch our video on Extreme Mountain Shooting to learn how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riAqarCH9sI

Lady arrows Black Bear with Crossbow in Ontario Canada 4:16 min.

From tree level, Lady waits patiently before taking the perfect shot.

Black bear taken with Obsession Bow in Canada by Larysa Unleashed 2:26 min.

Larysa Switlyk of Larysa Unleashed TV travels to Alberta Canada to hunt black bears with her new Obsession Bow. Matched with the ramcat broadheads it was a deadly combination.

Tom’s Spring Bear Hunt – Stuck N the Rut 66 4:09 min.

400yard shot. First week of season, we had a mild winter, so the bears left their dens early. Tom took the opportunity on the bear on the first day he was able to go out hunting after getting back from working. Fun hunt, his brother, and owner of Stuck N The Rut, Travis Schneider, filmed.

Tana’s Solo Bear Hunt – Stuck N the Rut 68 5:10 min.

Our sister Tana is hunting solo for Idaho Black Bear. She went out on an afternoon bear hunt and spotted a good size one. She made a good shot and the bear ran off. She called Travis to help look for it, and Trav decided to bring the blood tracking dog. They were able to find it.

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