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NAT’L – GUN POLITICS – Biden’s gun control plan: Ex-VP says ‘as president, I’ll take on NRA’, Internet says you’ll never be elected

MEAWW.COM September 13, 2020 – TWEETERSTORM: The political battle is just getting intense every day in the US. President Donald Trump is in the news and trending on Twitter most of the time. His Democratic Party opponent Joe Biden is also not far behind when it comes to using social media to put forward a point to the voters. In his latest tweet, Biden says, “26 years ago today, the Senate passed 10-year bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines — it was an effort I was proud to champion. These bans saved lives, and Congress should have never let them expire. As president, I’ll take on the @NRA and we’ll ban them once again.”

A lot of people put forward their views in the comments section of this tweet. One user claimed, “Studies have shown the ban has had little effect on overall criminal activity, firearm homicides, and the lethality of gun crimes.” One stated, “This is why we will vote against you in droves.” Trump supporter Jason Alexander Roberge said, “You will never ever be elected with an anti 2nd Amendment platform during riots and anarchy.”

US House candidate Richard Castaldo said, “You will lose if you come in preaching gun control of any kind to the general public! We value our inherent rights and responsibilities.” One said, “I laughed way too hard at this.. Had absolutely no impact on crime, and violent crime actually went up.. But ok.” Another user pointed out, “Not so long ago, angry mobs were burning and looting while a certain political party was saying ‘Defund the police.’ Media called them ‘peaceful protesters’ A short time before that, this same party told you that you did not need guns because, you had the police to protect you.”

There were others who supported Biden. One said, “THANK YOU Can’t wait for reasonable gun restrictions.” Another stated, “Thank you Joe! This gun owning, 2nd amendment supporting family agrees. It needs to be reinstated and strict background checks are needed. Voting Biden/Harris enthusiastically!”

The presidential candidate in the 1990s was instrumental in getting both federal background checks and a 10-year assault weapon ban enacted, as per Vox. He did mention earlier that he has “taken on the National Rifle Association (NRA) on the national stage and won — twice”.

Recently, as per WGAL, NRA released a 30-second ad that shows a woman being chased by two men in a parking lot. When she tried to retrieve a gun from her car, the weapon disappears. The voiceover says, “She’s got two kids and two jobs, but tonight she may not make it home. Every woman has a right to self-defense, a gun for protection. But Joe Biden would take her rights away.” However, as noted in the report, Biden has not stated that he wants to take away anyone’s Second Amendment right to own a gun but has a plan to regulate it.  [full article]

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