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Bird Fever

Bird Fever

Happens every year. Elk and deer hunting get in the way of ducks and pheasants. For many, however, not this year. There’s a virus in town that has put the kibosh on outdoor activity for a lot of hunters. Among those are dedicated pheasant hunters who have never missed a season’s opener. It’s not impossible to hunt birds while wearing a mask but, even though you’re outside most of each day and you might be vulnerable to “the bug” it’ll go with you into the vast cornfields of the Midwest where the best pheasant hunting is found.

While that’s discouraging, we do have one small solution and, since you may be among those who eiter can’t get out to hunt pheasants this year or are just hoping somebody with a vaccine cure is on their way to where you are, here’s our remedy: a few short moments with…

Pheasant Hunting with German Shorthaired Pointer, 3:08 min.

Pheasant Hunting with 3 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer.

How to Hunt Pheasant with a Bow, 2:10 min.

Some of those who used to tell you that it couldn’t be done…don’t say that anymore.

Pheasant Hunting in Vivian SD, 3:07 min.

Drone cam catches all the action.

Pennsylvania October Pheasant Hunt, 2:58 min.

White pheasants??? It’s almost certainly just a white version of a common or garden pheasant,” said the owner of a Wisconsin pheasant farm. “They are not common, but neither are they uncommon, just a naturally occurring anomaly.”

Pheasant Hunting Game Farms – New Breed Farms, 3:27 min.

Pheasant hunting is a fantastic and real outdoor experience! For areas that lack public areas that hold wild pheasant, like most areas these days, consider contacting a game farm. This is a great activity for new apprentice hunters and can help with getting the whole family together for a great outdoor activity!

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