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Bird Hunting VIDEOS

Orvis Presents: An Upland Hunting Love Story. 2:52 min.

“When you first get into bird hunting it’s all about getting the bird. Then you start enjoying the habitat and scenery, how the dogs are working. Then it’s the sharing with other people. That’s when it all comes together.”

Hunting chukars in Idaho challenges hunters and their dogs, 2:11 min.

A native of India and the Middle East, the chukar came to the United States in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s and is synonymous with a saying that “where the first time you hunt chukar is for fun, every time after that is for revenge.”

North Platte River Duck and Goose Hunting, 3:14 min.

The North Platte River of Western Nebraska winters hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese annually. This is one of the top destinations for waterfowl hunters looking for late season hunting with good bird numbers.

Dove Hunt: Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports, 3:40 min.

The Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program state champions go afield in search of mourning doves and find that shooting doves is a lot different than shooting clay targets.

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt 2019, 3:09 min.

This video outlines a Standing Stone Kennels 2019 pheasant hunt in South Dakota.

Chukar Hunting in Washington, 3:52 min.

A half day of upland bird hunting in Washington State. We found a few covey’s of chukar and hiked about 4 miles.

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