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Birds Without Feathers

Bob Rogers

Weekend, May 19-20,2018 — What should be among the simplest of shots boils down to this: Moving targets give some hunters fits.  Over the scan of a few dozen years we’ve seen and experienced frustration from bird hunters; not because there weren’t any birds but because the shooting consisted of more misses than hits. Ease up a bit, pardner; you’ll be happy to know that’s not uncommon and yet that’s a big part of the fun of hunting, though not always when applied to trap, skeet or sporting clays. On the one hand, missing shots only means you’ve got more chances coming and the shooting – not necessarily the killing – is what bird hunting is all about.

For most hunters the end of hunting season begets a long period of doldrum fever. In some parts of the country, a remedy includes trips to the target range. But in some other areas – those where the ground turns white right along with your beard and moustache and the temperature drops from balmy to frozen Hell – you have little choice but to turn to the clay range, albeit with gloves and down overwear.

That’s why this weekend we’ve chosen to commiserate with all the gun brothers who find May, without a flyrod or baitcaster, and a Memorial weekend holiday as an opportunity to uncase the smoothbores and take another trip down memory lane at…

Breaking Rabbit Targets: Smoke Those Pesky Wabbits! 1:55 min.

Most every sporting clays course has a rabbit station two. And these alternately rolling and bouncing targets give many shooters fits.Here is why: These targets are slower than they look and speed continues to be scrubbed off as they roll along the ground. Also, as with any target below your line of sight, theres a tendency to shoot over the top.This short NSSF video will demonstrates two tips on how to turn those pesky rabbits into smoke.

Tired of missing doves? Try these tips 1:41 min.

Practice, the right shells, and using Hi-Viz sights will help you tremendously out bird hunting.

Pick Up Your Targets Quicker 3:20 min.

Gil Ash of OSP Shooting Schools shares the secret to getting a hard focus on the bird faster and more clearly with this valuable tip about how the eyes work.

The Right-to-Left Crossing Target – Sporting Clays Tip 3:53 min.

Gil Ash of OSP Shooting Schools reveals an important concept for shotgun shooters.That is, when shooting a right-to-left crosser a right-handed shooter must look across the shotgun barrel to see the target. The same concept applies to left-handed shooters when shooting a left-to-right crosser.

Don’t Look Down the Barrel 2:44 min.

Gil Ash of OSP Shooting Schools demonstrates why shotgun shooters shouldn’t look down the barrel, nor at the bead.By focusing on the target you might see fewer targets but you’ll surely break more.

Skeet shooting with Duck Commander and Jerry Miculek in Slow-Mo! 3:44 min.

World record/ champion shooter Jerry Miculek trades guns with Phil Robertson of Duck Commander and the show “Duck Dynasty” and test his luck at shooting skeet with their shotguns!

Truth and Consequences: Duck hunting barrel camera 4:21 min.

Duck Season opener in Oklamona. Hit the first 4. Rest were missed birds.

How It’s Really Done: Duck Season in 4 Minutes GunCam (Everything Good But The Language) 4:33 min.

All my 4 months guncam hunt footage boiled down to 4 mins.

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