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Bowfishing for the Big Stuff

REALTREE.COM From the Archives – Carp jump to mind when most bowhunters think of bowfishing. And why not? They’re fun targets, and the shooting is usually fast-paced. Plus it’s an inexpensive sport. However, for those adrenaline junkies at Realtree.com, maybe skewering carp is getting a bit bland. Perhaps tackling critters that can kill you is in order.Texas bowhunter Dave Duncan hunts all over the world for everything from whitetails to leopards. But his passion is bowfishing for scary aquatic creatures that would snack on him given half the chance. Over the last several years, Duncan has shot sharks, alligators, crocodiles and a variety of sting rays. “Going after things that can eat you really gets the heart pumping,” he says, “especially because you are usually only a few feet from the shark or gator you’re shooting.”  [full article]

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