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Bowfishing VIDEOS

Bowfishing for River Grass Carp and Blue Buffalo Carp on Illinois River,  1:30 min

9-year old Clint Wells takes up bow fishing on the Illinois River. For a 14-minute episode of Clint’s talents go here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmpacQ-CnIY&t=258s

Bowfishing for Monster Alligator Gar,  1:39 min.

Join us to explore some of the country’s most fascinating destinations. Host, Tim Wells and Company, deliver vivid slow-motion kills and down the arrow look at trophy class game.

Fishin and Game: Bowfishing at night in Port Sulphur,  1:54 min.

While most of us where warm in bed, Don Dubuc and his buddies were prowling the freezing marshes of Port Sulphur. The bullseye was the big, black dot of the redfish.

Kayak Bowfishing,  3:03 min.

A great trip with my son this spring in our Jackson kayaks. I realize not everyone likes bowfishing so please only watch this if you do.

Shark versus man and wins then over populated sting rays get eaten by bow hunters.  3:37 min.

Watch the strength of a shark pull a bow fisherman’s bow apart. It nearly pulls him off the boat. Then see huge sting ray taken with the bow from an under water camera views. All fish were eaten as well..

Bowfishing Alligator Gar- Winchester Deadly Passion,  1:42 min.

Bowfishing alligator gar is an action packed adreanline rush and summer is the ideal time to hit the water and spend some quality time bowfishing. Melissa Bachman takes it up a notch in this episode going after monster alligator gar in Texas with good friends.

Bowfishing a Giant Gator on Lake Okeechobee,  5:18 min.

There are some Big Gators on Lake Okeechobee and Rich and I find a giant one. This alligator proves to be a handful with the Bow…I was worried about it not fitting in the airboat.

Under Water Bowhunting!! 75 Ft Deep!! 5:49 min.

GO 75 feet Down with Josh Bowmar of Bowmar Bowhunting as he puts the ultimate test on his Hoyt Defiant Bow. It works at the top of a mountain, but will it work at the bottom of the ocean

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