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Bowhunting Antelope VIDEOS

Buck DROPPED In Its Tracks! Bowhunting Antelope in Montana,  3:50 min.

Bowhunter and Eastmans’ member Ken Hollingsworth was eager for his first Montana antelope hunt. Hunting didn’t disappoint from day one when a monster antelope buck appears at a water hole.

Wyoming Archery Antelope 2016,  1:06 min.

Short clip of our early season antelope hunting in Wyoming.

13 Yard Archery Antelope Shot!!  3:18 min.

Ty makes a 13 yard shot on a nice public land speed goat in Idaho in 2015.

Antelope bomb drop.  1:12 min.

When ya think you’re far enough out to get away, think again. Another amazing archery shot on a B&C speed goat.  Tim Wells rides again!

Zachs 2016 Archery Antelope,  7:32 min.

Heads Up Decoy proves its worth, bringing antelope well within archery range!

Wyatt’s 2018 Oregon Antelope Hunt – A Short Film,  6:35 min.

This short film tells the story of the incredible opening morning of Oregon’s Archery antelope season. A great opportunity presented itself early in the day and Wyatt was able to put his tag on a great buck.

Daniel’s Pope and Young Antelope,  7:59 min.

Fired Up Outdoors staff member Daniel Peak takes a great spot and stalk antelope in NE Wyoming

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