Turkey Hunting VIDEOS

Tennessee Opening Week – Missouri Youth Turkey Season | Spring Thunder 19:00 min.

We were in Tennessee last week for the opener and hunting was tough. We dealt with great weather but henned up toms made for a challenging hunt. The Missouri Youth Turkey Season was also this weekend and we were in the woods with several new hunters, trying to get them their first turkey.

A Hunters First | Episode 1: Spring Turkey 2017 “Just Be Patient”

#AHuntersFirst is a series about a hunters first experience hunting an animal they have never had the opportunity to hunt, or have never gotten one before. For our first hunt of this series, we took out a kid named Colby. Colby has been on our channel before with his youth sheep hunt. This was Colby’s first time ever turkey hunting and experiencing the addiction and thrill that it brings. He was able to bag his first turkey ever, and we were so honored to be a part of it.

The Chronicles | Ep 1 | Bowhunting Turkeys 3:44 min.

Watch Brian Stephens arrow a Florida gobbler with his bow along with a few tips on ground concealment.

Turkey Anatomy and Proper Arrow Placement 6:48 min.

Have you ever struggled with shot placement on turkeys while bowhunting? Don’t let all those feathers fool you. Check out this video brought to you by Hoyt and Gone Wild Outdoors on the anatomy and proper arrow placement in order to put more turkeys in your freezer.

Best Slow Motion Turkey Head Shot 3:04 min.

This Virginia tom gets a face full of shot in slow motion! Hunting is part of a culture deep rooted in this great country of ours that is centered on God and family.

The Most Insane Turkey Bow Hunt Ever! 3:52 min.

Trent has some incredible luck on the first day of the Kansas turkey season! Perfect set up, camouflage and decoy placement can all be thanked! From the award winning, hit-series, Heartland Bowhunter comes ‘Full Strut’, an exclusive CarbonTV series documenting bowhunting like you’ve never seen before. From the first gobble of the morning, to the fly-up cackle of the evening, follow the HB crew as they pursue turkeys all over the midwest.

How To Clean A Turkey 5:19 min.

Will Brantley of Realtree.com gives step-by-step instructions on how to clean a turkey.

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