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CA – COURTS – Ghost gun makers sued by shooting survivors in Rancho Tehama (VIDEO)

RANCHO TEHAMA, Calif. — The survivors of the Rancho Tehama shooting are suing the industry that they say allowed Kevin Neal to kill five people, and injure 18 others. After a domestic violence arrest, Neal was banned from having guns. So he built his murder weapons — two homemade AR-15 style rifles called ghost guns. So-called ghost gun companies sell parts that can be assembled into these weapons.

As long as those parts are 80% complete or less… normal gun laws do not apply.

Gun control advocates like Jonathan Lowy, Chief Counsel and Vice President of Legal at Brady United. say the industry needs to be reigned in.

“This was a man who could not legally have a gun, should not have a gun,” Lowy said about Kevin Neal. “He was under court orders that prevented him from possessing guns, and yet, he was able to get a number of guns, including 2 AR-15 style, military style assault weapons, through the ghost gun industry.”

Lowy represents the survivors of the Rancho Tehama shooting in a lawsuit filed in Southern California. It names about a dozen ghost gun companies.  [full article]

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