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CA – GUN CONTROL – Buy-Back Event To Trade Guns For Cash As Firearm-Related Violence On The Rise

San Francisco Mayor London Breed joined anti-gun violence advocates Thursday to announce an upcoming gun buy-back event happening this weekend. At the event, happening this Saturday in the city’s South of Market neighborhood, participants can drive up or walk up and sell their handguns for $100 and their assault guns for $200. The event is being organized by the SoMa-based community group United Playaz and the San Francisco Police Department, in an effort to cleanse the city’s communities of gun violence. Breed, a native of San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood, said the buy-back events are personal to her because she’s been surrounded by gun violence her entire life. “We have lost friends and family members and this senseless violence continues. If we can get these guns off the streets, if we can get these guns out of the hands of anyone who would use them, it is in the best interest in our communities,” she said. Breed added, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, gun violence remains a problem. “In San Francisco we saw an increase in firearm related incidents during the first seven months of this year compared to the same period last year.” she said. “This is about changing the future, especially because African Americans in San Francisco and around this country continue to be victims of gun violence at a young age and we can do better than that.” “We want to make sure that these guns get taken off the street,” said San Francisco police Capt. Timothy Falvey. “We will take care of destroying the weapon, no questions asked.” He added, “We don’t want guns carelessly left in homes, where there could be tragedies where children find guns, or if burglars get into your home and they find guns that aren’t properly stored, these are the guns that wind up in the wrong hands out on the streets and contribute to the gun violence problem.”  [full article]

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