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CA – GUN CRIME – Unique Guns Stolen From Retired Law Enforcement Officer’s U-Haul (VIDEO)

The search is on for the thief that stole six unique guns from a retired law enforcement officer. “We had one night, that is it. One night. So many things could’ve changed the outcome of this,” said Paul Nigh. It’s a gun owner’s and law enforcement sergeant’s worst nightmare. “It’s not a weapon you can just walk in the store and buy,” he explained. Six of Nigh’s guns are now on the street after a thief stole them from his U-Haul trailer. The guns range in brand and size. Some are department grade and others have a badge with the words “California Department of Corrections” engraved on the gun. The arsenal of customized weapons was stolen from the U-Haul Nigh had parked at a Natomas Marriot where he was staying. “My biggest fear, obviously I’m a retired law enforcement officer, is that one of my weapons’ serial numbers shows up in a homicide,” he explained. The retired California Department of Corrections and Retired Reserve Kern County Sergeant has a total of 38 years of law enforcement experience. Nigh thought the guns would be safe locked in bins inside his trailer during his move out of town. “They probably had to change their underwear because they realized what they had,” he said “I know that they were shocked, they did not know they hit the motherlode.” The thieves broke the lock not only stealing his guns but uniforms, his duty belt and other personal possessions. “The only thing missing is a $29.95 security badge from any uniform shop and you can play cop,” Nigh said. “I would give anything to go back and put them somewhere else.” The stolen weapons include:  [full article]

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