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CA – GUN RIGHTS – Fresno mayor’s drive to disarm legal concealed-weapon holders is unconstitutional

The misguided Brand administration is at it again — now attacking our Second Amendment rights! The effort to disarm citizens is now being driven by local politicians at Fresno City Hall. On Thursday, Jan. 16th, Mayor Lee Brand and other council members will attempt to enact an ordinance requiring law-abiding citizens with concealed carry weapon (CCW) permits to remove their concealed weapons before entering the building as is now allowed by state law. The public will now have to go through metal detectors, and all CCW holders will not be allowed to carry their concealed weapons. Employees will still be entering the building at other entrances and will not be screened for weapons, which means bad guys who want to enter City Hall can find a way to do so without going through the metal detector. In essence, Mayor Brand will be declaring City Hall a “gun-free zone” and only creating the illusion that City Hall is secure. It will not be, and all the employees working there will be more unsafe as a result. There are 18.6 million people with CCWs in the country and 120,000 CCW holders in California. Fresno County has over 17,000 CCW holders. People who get CCWs have extensive background checks, complete firearms safety courses, are trained with their weapon and must fully understand the laws and safety requirements regarding the use and storage of their weapon. Statistically, they are clearly some of the most law-abiding citizens in the country. Women are also the fastest growing demographic of CCW permit holders.  [full article]

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