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CA – GUN RIGHTS – Several large guns were carried out of Jake Paul’s California mansion during an FBI raid on the home

Law enforcement officers removed what appeared to be several large guns from Jake Paul’s California mansion during an FBI raid on Wednesday, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department confirmed. A representative said that the FBI had asked the sheriff’s office to assist in transporting items from the YouTuber’s Calabasas mansion while they executed a federal search warrant, but that the department was not otherwise involved in the FBI’s ongoing investigation. The FBI could not comment on any evidence related to the investigation because the warrant affidavit was sealed, a representative for the agency’s Los Angeles division told Insider. It’s not clear what type of guns were taken from the house, as Paul has a history of using live firearms, pellet guns, and paintball guns. Paul, 23, is one of the biggest faces of YouTube with over 20 million subscribers, despite a penchant for controversy and at least one previous brush with law enforcement. ABC 7, a local ABC affiliate, obtained overhead footage during the raid, showing law enforcement officers putting guns in the trunk of an LA Sheriff’s Department vehicle. ABC 7 also captured footage of one gun laid against a hot tub on the property. There were also several FBI officers conducting the raid, with the assistance from LA police officers, representatives from both the FBI and the LA Sheriff’s Department confirmed. Photographs from TMZ, which first reported the news of the raid, showed FBI agents in camouflage fatigues approaching the mansion. The seizure of firearms from Paul’s property the YouTube star’s history with guns. He has a large tattoo of a machine gun on his thigh and has prominently featured firearms and weaponry in multiple YouTube videos. After getting a gun tattoo on-camera for a 2017 video, Paul sold merchandise featuring the tattoo art.  [full article]

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