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CA – GUN SHOWS – Activists push to ban ‘ghost gun’ sales at Del Mar gun show (VIDEO)

Anti-gun activists are pressuring the 22nd District Agricultural Association Board of Directors board to stop the sales of DIY gun kits, known more commonly as ghost guns, at the Crossroads of the West gun show. At the board meeting activists wearing their orange “Never Again” shirts, told the board members they had bought a kit without a background check wait period or even a receipt.

“The community demands that you stand up and take action now,” said one gun control activist. Gun show supporters say the kits are legal and because they are not assembled, technically no registration needs to be done until after the gun is finished. Alcohol Tobacco and Fire Arms agents report that they are finding these so-called ghost guns at nearly a third of their crime scene raids. “As we showed you, it looks like a gun, it shoots like a gun and it kills like a gun,” said Roseann Sharp, gun control activist from Never Again. The board members took no action on ending the sales. Crossroads of the West is expected to open March 14 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds as scheduled.  [view source]

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