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CA – INDUSTRY INSIDER – Assembly Resolution Against Firearms Industry a Dangerous Precedent

California’s got the most gun control laws in the country. It’s also trying to win the race on bad legislative ideas, too. California’s Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D-Los Angeles) is pushing a resolution that California would use its economic might to nudge banks and lending institutions away from doing business with federally licensed law abiding firearms manufacturers and retailers if they have open accounts with the Golden State. Assembly Concurrent Resolution 115 would “encourage” six lending institutions to cut all business ties with America’s firearms manufacturers. The goal, according to Kamlager-Dove, is eliminate the production of firearms and the means to exercise Second Amendment rights. Kamlager-Dove explained, “You cannot have a gun if the gun has not been made. You cannot sell a gun that has not been made.” Then, Kamlager-Dove does economic policy backflips when she attempts to say it is actually a free-market incentive, because it would allow firearms manufactures to use alternative options when it comes to banking services and loans. Kamlager-Dove couldn’t explain where California state and local law enforcement would buy their firearms if gun production were to be eliminated. She was challenged on her thought process by Republican Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez that inserting personal and political ideology was a dangerous precedent. While Kamlager-Dove was using the resolution as a bludgeon against the firearms industry today to drive a political agenda, a similar authority could be used to deny financial services to what others consider disfavored industries.  [full article]

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