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CA – RETAILERS – Are all the gun stores in L.A. County closing? Vague sheriff’s order leaves some confusion

Los Angeles County’s sheriff is urging all gun stores, including some that have seen surging sales and lines of customers out their doors amid the coronavirus outbreak, to close this week if they haven’t already. In an interview with Fox 11 on Monday, Sheriff Alex Villaneuva deemed gun stores “non-essential” under a county order issued last week. The Board of Supervisors, in its order, said all businesses, except grocery stores and restaurants that offered take out, were not essential and needed to close. “We will be closing (gun stores),” he said. “They are a non-essential function.” Since last week, Villanueva, who says he owns guns himself, has repeatedly said he was concerned over how many people were buying guns, only to then stay cooped up at home under L.A. County’s stay-at-home orders. “Buying guns is a bad idea,” he said March 16. “You have a lot of people now that are at home…cabin fever sets in, you’ve got a crowded environment…weapons are not a good mix.” His new order appears to have fallen on some who weren’t listening in the first place — many gun stores across L.A. County contacted Tuesday already were closed. Among those that were still open, some said they were now selling guns online and delivering them to customers. Like their counterparts in the restaurant business, other gun shops said they were transitioning to take-out only, with limited employees on site letting customers in one at a time to pick up the guns they ordered. Still others said they were seeing a new surge in customers after the sheriff said he was shutting down gun stores.  [full article]

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