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CA – RETAILERS – ‘Muricans Need Their Guns, It Seems Lines Out The Door In L.A.

People are clearing out grocery aisle shelves amid the coronavirus pandemic — but the microscopic enemy’s also got folks ready to shoot their way out this problem. At least two gun stores in the San Fernando Valley — just outside of L.A. — had lines coming out the door this weekend, as people flocked to apparently stock up on firearms. The two locations pictured here are Gun World and Guns Direct — both in Burbank, CA. It looks like people were actually standing in lines that went down the block and reached surrounding store fronts — which, of course, begs the obvious question. WHY?!?!? It could just be the fact they got some pretty good sales going on right now — a 9 MM SD9VE Smith & Wesson for just $380 ain’t half bad — but the more realistic reason lies in the panic caused by COVID-19. Funny enough, Pete Wentz just talked to us about this on Saturday, and sorta poo-pooed those whose first instincts are to run to their local gun shops.  [full article]

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