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CA – SELF-PROTECTION – Inquiries Into License To Carry Classes Up After Mass Shootings

The number of mass shootings in the last week has prompted many to purchase guns and sign up for classes to earn their license to carry concealed weapons, according to the people who are doing training. Inside the Laguna Shooting Center, experts offer everything from concealed carry classes to active shooter training. Protocols and practices outlined in the training manuals have changed as the types of mass shooting scenarios change. Time and time again, we see violent images of horrific shootings. This weekend they came from in El Paso and then Dayton. “The officers took out the guy as soon as they got there,” said Terry Wingert, an instructor with the Advanced Security Institute. Wingert, a former police officer, has taught concealed carry classes for 40 years all across California. He teaches up to 300 classes a year, and when a mass shooting happens, inquiries go up 10-15%. “People will call because they are afraid to go out,” he said. He and his partner Joe Williams teach the law, civil and criminal liability, and how to use a firearm. The concealed carry classes are 16 hours, spanning about 2 days with several hours on the range and focusing on firearm safety. In the last few years, they have also offered active shooter training for businesses, churches and private citizens.  [full article]

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