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CA – SELF-PROTECTION – Spike in Concealed Weapon Applications, Who’s Carrying & Why? (VIDEO)

The shelves are bare at local gun stores and firearms training courses are overwhelmed with people applying for permits to carry concealed weapons ahead of the election. Firearms instructors and local gun store owners say, in addition to an increase in the number of people applying to carry a concealed weapon, they are seeing a shift in clientele including more women, senior citizens and people who are politically more liberal. They cite a combination of catalysts for the increase including civil unrest, home defense, and fear that it could be harder to get a gun following the election. A recent study found an estimated 110,000 Californians purchased new firearms since the start of the pandemic, 47,000 of them were first-time gun buyers. “They go out as fast as I can bring them in,” said Eddie Ford, co-owner of the NorCal Gun Vault. “[We’ve seen] 160% demand over last year.” He says most of his customers are buying guns for home protection. “There’s been a marked uptick in Bay Area residents coming up here and because the supply is so short,” Ford said. “I can’t supply them fast enough.” At NorCal Gun Vault, Ford says the rush on guns began in March and spiked this summer amid the civil unrest, then spiked again ahead of the election due to fears of stricter gun laws under a new president. Ford says the same thing happened in 2016, however this year, in addition to guns, he says about one-third of his customers also want a permit to carry a concealed weapon (CCW). The training courses offered at Ford’s store have been full for months and they’ve recently begun offering ladies only classes in response to a changing demographic. While it’s been widely reported that gun sales are up amid the pandemic, data obtained by CBS13 indicates applications to carry a concealed weapon in public (CCW) are also up dramatically.  [full article]

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