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CA – TRAINING – “Everyone is a First Responder | Moorpark’s Covered 6 Provides Tactical Training for Public Safety

With tragic active shooting incidents occurring on local and national levels — including the shooting at Saugus High School in November that left two students dead — the need to protect ourselves and have the ability to help the injured is greater than ever before. “The world has changed — it’s volatile, it’s uncertain, it’s complex. And the threats have changed, so everyone’s involved. Everyone is a first responder, and everyone can train,” said Chris Dunn, CEO of Covered 6 in Moorpark, which provides courses in first-responder techniques. In the event of an active shooter, “who’s going to be there when the injured are left? Civilians,” said Omar Herrera, Covered 6 chief operating officer. “People are left injured and somebody wants to do something but they don’t know how. Our courses teach them.” Hundreds of people are taking or have completed courses at Covered 6, including a tactical medicine course called Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, in which they learn life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care. This class is geared towards military personnel, but civilians learn the same life-saving principles (geared towards the private EMS responder). Covered 6 also offers all levels of “awareness” training through A.D.A.P.T. — Awareness and Defense Against Physical Threats — which trains teachers and school administrators for crisis response and de-escalation when confronted with emergency scenarios. This program, which focuses on an alternative response to “personal threat” emergencies, provides students and staff with options to avoid potentially threatening situations and increase their chance of survival.  [full article]

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