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CA – TRAINING – Raisin City Superintendent has school janitor wear mask and carry fake gun in active shooter drill, staff & kids terrified (VIDEO)

A superintendent in the Central Valley is defending his actions after he allowed a janitor to wear a mask, hold a fake gun, and run around campus acting like he was an active shooter. The incident happened at Raisin City Elementary School just before the the summer break. Superintendent Juan Sandoval says it was a drill. But teachers and parents of students, who had no idea it would happen, say it went too far. Kim Copper is a teacher at the school. She says, “I though this might not really be a drill, and what am I going to do.” Copper says in her 22 year career as a teacher she has never gone through anything like this. She says, “I love these students and I don’t know what I can do. I thought wow, am I going to go down like this, out at Raisin City School.” Copper says she and her students tried to stay quiet and gathered together in a corner of the classroom. “All of a sudden someone came pounding on the door and trying to open it,” says Copper. She adds the kids were terrified.  [full article]

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