California’s Paranoid Democrats Giddy Over Mag Ban

Bob Rogers

So Goes California

July 1, 2017
— California Democrats are the laughing stock. They think they’ve solved the problem of criminal violence. Pass a law and the problem goes away. Except that it doesn’t. The majority of the state’s population is pulled along on puppet strings and they just don’t give a blank one way or another. “Just leave me alone and go away,” is the casual response to a robo call, an email, a poster passer-outer ringing the doorbell. When Democrats took over the state legislature in 1996 – and won a supermajority in 2016 – they felt they were given a mandate to do anything they wanted. And they did. Flush with anti-gun confidence they passed the ugly “Gunmageddon” bill last year which included the ban on hi-cap mags. With a population of over 33 million, only about seven million of which are gun owners, real resistance to nefarious gun laws is non-existent.

Democrats soothe themselves with thinking that by limiting honest citizens to 10-rounds they’ll save lives. That’s a laugh. I’ll bet I can change 10-round mags in about 3 seconds – and that’s slow compared to competition shooters. So who wins the mag race? Criminals. And there’s only ten among the seven million California gun owners who have turned in their hi-cap mags as the July 1st deadline has passed, although late word has it that judges in two counties might want to pull back the July 1 date to reconsider the provision. Despite that, the state’s Democrats are giddy at the exercise of their new-found mandate all the way to the next election and, soon thereafter, will ignore any attempt to allow Republicans, especially gun-owning Republicans, to join the debate.

BREAKING NEWS: A California judge Thursday evening June 29 blocked the state’s hi-cap magazine ban. Fox News reported that San Diego-based U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez said in a ruling Thursday that the law banning possession of magazines containing more than 10 bullets would have made criminals of thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens who now own the magazines.

It’s said that California is the sixth largest economy in the world and they act like it. Raising the gas tax is a start. Their fiscal budget sets aside $50 million for protection of illegal aliens and another $50 million to offset any federal losses for Planned Parenthood, and more gun restrictions providing $118 million in start-up cash for a new Marijuana Industry Tax Department, (cash, because banks are federally regulated and selling marijuana is still illegal by federal law). So the message is clear: The Democrats who run California will enact any gun control they want, raise taxes on anyone they want, finance illegal aliens and abortion and cheer themselves on about passing hi-cap magazine bans for “public safety.”

But then this headline happened: California regulators block proposed assault weapon rules. That was as much of a shocker as any successful gun control effort. “Why?,” some state gun owners were asking. We don’t officially know yet but speculation has it that the Democrat legislature, with full novice ignorance about guns on display, have seen the many YouTube videos and newspaper articles – including those chronicled in this publication – about the creative ‘workarounds’ being made to thwart the ‘bullet button’ ban that was the centerpiece of the “proposed assault weapon rules.”

California’s politicians, seemingly hell-bent on eliminating whatever guns they feel like eliminating on the spur of the moment, will now have to deal with two gun consumer issues, the delay in identifying exactly what is and what is not an “assault weapon,” given the creative workarounds by pro-gun dime store ‘engineers,’ and now the blocking of the hi-cap mag conundrum.

The Pew Gun Survey

A recent survey by the Pew Research Organization looked favorably on the growing number of Americans who now see guns as necessary to their own self-protection. Finally, the number of our countrymen and women who have been beguiled by the gun controller faction are now being less led astray than we could have first hoped.

Perhaps it is the result of terrorism, though mostly contained across the Atlantic and the Eastern Hemisphere. But that’s only half of the story of the drift from gun control to gun rights in America. Those of us lucky enough to live in the U.S. remain in wait for a Charlie Hebdo-styled attack.

But, in the mainstream, a bigger concern are those pockets of epidemic crime encouraged by the continually growing commerce of drugs, both illegal and prescription. Even though crime is down because the number of guns is up, there still is a massive dose of crime in the streets. Mostly among drug dealer competitors, rapists and assorted confrontations with normal pond scum, concealed carry has taken off in formerly heretofore sanctuaries in large cities.

The Pew group measured results for gun rights that climbed from 35% in 1993 to 52% in 2016; men at 44% in 1993 to 61% in 2016; women at 26% in 1993 to 43% in 2016; women went for gun control by a high of 75% in 1999 and as of this year, that figure dropped to 54%. Clearly, the signs of the times have changed direction. In summary, gun rights win over gun control, and the difference is becoming incisive.

The Gun Gloom and Other Potpourri

Gun sales up, gun sales down. The difference is in the number of guns sold, or not, but in which guns. Rifles are down, handguns are up. What does that tell ya?

Hunters are not necessarily gun collectors even though they may own many different guns; one for this game species, one for that, and so on. They tend to buy selectively. Collectors do it for either an investment or because of an infatuation. When citizens are scared mostly because of massive media attention to every little gun crime-fight-accident, they go and buy a gun – nearly any gun non-specifically but based on a recommendation – for protection. That’s the state of today’s gun market. Tomorrow? Who knows?

The Everytown for gun control group’s cui bono, Shannon Watts, has taken it upon herself to rip MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough for his comments on guns and Democrats, saying that guns are a winning issue for Republicans and, thus, a losing one for Democrats. Watts took to the Huff Post – where else? – to editorialize on the subject with this headline: Shannon Watts on Joe Scarborough: I Am Tired Of Correcting Joe Scarborough — Gun Safety Is A Winning Issue.

Finally, Dennis Withner, a loyal GunProPlus reader from Washington state, tipped us to a news item that should show the importance of self-protection, fitting for this too long Independence Day holiday weekend. Withner picked up the story from British Columbia about a 26-year old Canadian, Cory Van Gilder, charged with manslaughter, who was found not guilty by a jury after he had killed a man with a fist punch.

Strolling down the street after a birthday celebration at a restuarant with some friends, the British Columbia trial defendant saw a 30-year old man approaching the group in the process of ripping off his clothes while screaming about being ready to fight anyone and everyone. As the guy got too close, Van Gilder, wanting to protect his friends, threw a punch, hitting the assailant in the neck causing a vessel rupture leading to the brain. The perp died two days later.

The prosecutor in the case apparently saw Van Gilder’s fists as a lethal weapon which, in this case, proved to be correct. Van Gilder was jailed for months while awaiting trial, by all accounts a gross miscarriage of justice.

But we needed to know:  Did Van Gilder have his fists registered as a dangerous weapon?  Did his fists pass a background check?  You know, if it could just save one life.…

Where was Shannon Watts when she was needed to promote fist safety?

From the Trace Thursday:

But policymakers and judges are a different kind of audience than gun buyers or voters. Donohue hopes his findings make it in front of those influential eyes.

“The Supreme Court is eventually going to have to decide if there’s a right to carry,” he said, speaking the day after the justices declined to hear a challenge to California’s restrictive right-to-carry law. “What will they make of this evidence?”

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