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Camping Trip VIDEOS

Summer Camping Trips Gone Very Wrong, 1:31 min.

Bears, tents, and camp fires, oh my! There’s a lot that can go wrong when camping in the summer, but we think the mistakes only add to the fun.

Moose Mountain Horseback Adventure, 3:51 min.

If the altitude don’t get ya, the scenery from 14,000 feet high will.

NoDak Badlands on Horseback, 3:51 min.

Trusting your horse shows which – the horse or the rider – knows best.

Grizzly Bears Rearrange Campsite, 1:53 min.

Two 700-pound grizzly bears show what they think of a campsite.

How To Bear-Proof Your Hunting Camp, 1:41 min.

Randy Newberg goes over some details about what you need to do when hunting in grizzly bear country.

Tent Defense: A wolf at your campsite, 2:05. min.

‘Like a scene from a horror movie.’

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