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NAT’L – AT ISSUE – Eight Years After Sandy Hook, Mass Shootings Are Up, But Federal Gun Control Remains The Same

One of America’s most notorious mass shootings, the killing of 26 children and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., happened nearly eight years ago, on Dec. 14, 2012. Since then, federal gun control laws have barely changed. The gun industry continues to produce assault weapons and high-capacity magazines without additional federal restrictions. Gun sales are on the rise. Mass shootings have also risen this year, even with…

VA – AT ISSUE – A Changed Dynamic

Rhetorical bullets are already flying as politicians prepare for what is starting to look like the greatest gun law fight in a generation when state legislators return to Richmond this month. Aided by campaign donations from gun-control advocacy groups and increasing public support for related policy changes, Democrats gained enough seats in the state Senate and House of Delegates on Nov. 5 to take control of both chambers of…

NAT’L – AT ISSUE: SMART GUNS – The Smart Gun Doesn’t Exist for the Dumbest Reasons

Smith & Wesson still feels the wound it suffered two decades ago when it decided to invent smart guns. The idea was to invest heavily in the development of personalized weapons that could be fired only by a single person: the gun’s owner.  

Nat’l – AT ISSUE/Gun Control – A Real Long-Term Solution to Gun Violence

WASHINGTON MONTHLY.COM October 28, 2018 – Semiautomatic assault rifles, like the AR-15 and its competitors, are at the center of the gun debate, primarily because of their role in recent mass shootings. But mass shootings make up a small fraction of gun injuries and deaths in America. Moreover, according to a 2013 government report, a handgun was involved in roughly two-thirds of mass shootings in the U.S. since the…

AT ISSUE: More guns in school! Texas open-carry groups to rally near Santa Fe mass-shooting site

SALON.COM June 22, 2018 –  A group of far-right protesters, with the groups Open Carry Texas and This Is Texas Freedom Force, are holding an “open carry” gun rally on Saturday near Santa Fe High School, where the mass shooting took place. Calling the event “Carry For Our Kids,” organizers are claiming that the only way to protect kids in schools is to allow teachers to carry guns, even with very little…

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