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Nat’l – Gun Headlines – AR-15 Guns And School Shootings: How Many Assault Weapons Have Been Used In Schools In 2018?

NEWSWEEK.COM May 29, 2018 – On May 18, the day 17-year-old school shooting suspect Dimitrios Pagourtzis allegedly opened fire at Santa Fe High in Texas and killed 10, a graphic made the rounds on Twitter. It listed several high-profile shootings, including Santa Fe. Next to the names: “AR-15,” a semi-automatic assault weapon celebrated as “America’s rifle” by the National Rifle Association. This isn’t the first time a mistake concerning the AR-15…

Nat’l – Gun Headlines – Why There Is No Gun Like a Glock (And Why the World’s Militaries Love Them)

THE NATIONAL INTEREST.COM May 15, 2018 – For much of the mid-twentieth century, handgun development was in a period of stagnation. The development of the semiautomatic pistol had ushered in a new weapon that, although more complex than a revolver, had a higher ammunition capacity. Quickly adopted by armies around the world, the steel-framed semiautomatic reigned for decades. Then, in the 1980s, something came along that disrupted the firearms industry:…

Int’l – Gun Headlines – The NRA helped promote this deadly Russian sniper rifle that has the US military worried (VIDEO)

BUSINESS INSIDER.COM May 9, 2018 – The Army released a report in late 2016 that centered on the Russian threat in Ukraine and detailed how the capabilities of Russian snipers have grown, thanks in small part to a deadly new Russian sniper rifle, the ORSIS T-5000. And it just so happens that the National Rifle Association once helped promote the T-5000, according to Mother Jones. 

Nat’l – Gun Headlines – Poll: 1 in 3 Americans dreads political talk at Thanksgiving

FOX CAROLINA.COM November 22, 2017 – Bring on the turkey — but maybe hold the politics. Thanksgiving is Glenn Rogers’ favorite holiday, when people gather around the table and talk about things to celebrate from the past year. But Donald Trump’s presidency isn’t something everyone in the Rogers family is toasting. 

ND – Gun Headlines – Gun enthusiast sells 500 firearms from personal collection (VIDEO)

WDAY6-TV.COM (FARGO, ND) November 17, 2017 – A jaw-dropping large collection is up for grabs as one of the largest gun collections in the country goes to auction in Fargo this weekend. The numbers associated with Ed Karel’s collection are almost hard to believe: A quarter million dollars, more than 50 years of buying, and at least 800 guns. Now, almost as unbelievable, he’s trying to get rid of…

California shooting rampage highlights “ghost guns”

TOWNHALL.COM November 16, 2017 –  The gunman who killed his wife and four others in a rampage in Northern California this week found an easy way around a court order prohibiting him from having guns: He built his own at home. It is the latest case of homemade semi-automatic weapons being used in a crime, and it comes as federal authorities try to draw attention to the dangers posed by…

Nat’l – Gun Headlines – ATF to Chicago: Your Release of Detailed Crime Gun Data Was Prohibited Under Federal Law

THE TRACE.COM November 2, 2017 – The federal agency that regulates firearms says that the city of Chicago crossed a line by issuing a report providing granular detail about guns used in crimes, including the names of stores that have sold a disproportionate share of those weapons. The Chicago Trace Report, released on Sunday, runs “contrary to federal law,” Mary Markos, a spokesperson for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and…

CT – GUN HEADLINES – NSSF Issues Statement On Chicago Gun Trace Report.

PR NEWSWIRE.COM November 1, 2017 – Gun Trace Report 2017 issued at the direction of the Chicago Mayor’s Office outlines a comprehensive public safety strategy, certain elements of which the firearms industry would endorse including increasing the number of police officers on the street and tough sentences for criminals who use guns. The bulk of the report, however, starts from a purposely misleading premise and represents what we have…

Action News Investigation: ‘Ghost Guns’ on Philadelphia streets (VIDEO)

ABC ACTION NEWS 6 (WPVI-TV) October 31, 2017 – Anyone with a few hundred bucks can buy what’s called a ‘Ghost Gun’ online. Within four hours, we built a semi-automatic firearm in the Action News Investigation office. AK-47s, AR-15s, complete do-it-yourself kits for almost any kind of assault rifle or pistol, are peddled online, to anyone. No ID, background check, date of birth or any identifying information required. And…

Nat’l – Gun Headlines – 4 Types Of Handgun Shooters — Which Are You?

GUN DIGEST.COM October 30, 2017 – You need to give your own handgun skills an honest appraisal. From novice to expert, these standards will encourage the average shooter to excel and present a basis for procedure. Handgun shooters can be classified by novice, beginner, specialist and expert. An honest evaluation of your handgun skill level is necessary to advance. A novice may not win a fight, while a professional…

OK – Gun Headlines – TAKING AIM: It’s itty bitty, but it bites

STILLWATER NEWS-PRESS October 25, 2017 – The tiny firearm was far from accurate. Its .41 caliber ball, held in place against a charge of black powder by a wad, had plenty of room in the .44 bore. At close range, however, it served in effective manner. On the night of April 14, 1865, this particular bore was but mere feet from the head of President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln died…

Nat’l – Gun Headlines – The 1911 vs Glock debate and why it’s ridiculous

SOFREP.COM October 23, 2017 – We have all seen the argument play out hundreds of times on various forms of social media, web sites, and even in person, one of the greatest gun arguments of all time the 1911 Vs Glock debates. The debate has raged for years with each side touting the accomplishments of their pistol and its service history. 

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