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DC – GUN POLITICS – The 116th Congress Is Refocused On Gun Control In The Wake Of Parkland

A Pacific Standard analysis reveals the only other time a new Congress has introduced so many gun-control bills was in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. 

NC – Campus Guns – 12-year-old writes heartbreaking goodbye letter to family during school lockdown (VIDEOS)

A 12-year-old Charlotte boy wrote a heartbreaking goodbye letter to his family during the moments his school was on a lockdown last week. Ajani, a student at Governor’s Village STEM Academy in north Charlotte, feared that someone had brought a gun to school. 

NC – Campus Guns – CMS to announce security upgrades following gun incidents at several schools (VIDEOS)

“We’ll probably look at wands and probably random searches for kids,” CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox said. Dr. Wilcox said those are just some of the security measures he is considering. CMS leaders will announce details Friday afternoon about possible new security measures in schools.  

IL – Campus Guns – Indian Prairie joins growing number of districts opposed to arming staff members for school protection

This year school boards from rural districts are pushing three plans that call on the IASB to advocate for legislation that allows local school districts to have teachers and administrators trained to carry weapons. 

Is Big Money Holding Gun Industry Hostage For Smart Guns?

November 15, 2018
By Jeff Fletcher

In a tacit challenge to force gun makers to develop safer guns, major money managers are pressuring the firearms industry to be more aggressive in promoting safety measures via their distribution and retailer network to keep their products from being purchased by people who shouldn’t have them.

While not threatening manufacturers with withdrawal of financial backing from big pension funds and other…

NC – Campus Guns – Police arrest students, seize guns in incidents at Olympic and East Meck high schools (VIDEO)

Social media posts of Olympic High School students brandishing a gun led to a lockdown Tuesday, with parents jamming streets outside the southwest Charlotte school to take their kids home. Police tracked down the suspects off campus, found a gun and arrested three students. 


GA – Campus Guns – 2 Cherokee County students arrested days after bringing guns to school, officials say

Two students at River Ridge High School were arrested Monday afternoon days after officials said they brought guns and ammunition to school. The students brought the guns to school on Friday, officials said. 

AR– Gun News – Bass Pro Shops sets record straight on ‘Trail of Tears’ rifle, seeks Cherokee Nation advice

Bass Pro Shops sought to set the record straight Wednesday on a single rifle that set off a Twitter storm this week after a customer saw the Trail of Tears commemorative Winchester for sale at the Rogers, Arkansas outlet and posted images of it on Twitter. 

CO – Campus Guns – High school students arrested by Thornton police for allegedly bringing gun to school

Two students were contacted and arrested on suspicion of possession of a handgun by a minor, police said. No threats were made to students, police said. An investigation is ongoing. 

CA – Courts – Court blocked law that would have made possession of magazine in Thousand Oaks illegal

Before the new law could take effect, it was blocked by a federal judge after a lawsuit by California gun owners, argued the law was unconstitutional. The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the injunction pending the resolution of the lawsuit, which was joined by the California Rifle & Pistol Association, the state National Rifle Association affiliate. 

An “F” Rating from NRA Welcomed by Gun Control Office Seekers

GUNPROPLUS.COM  November 6, 2018 – As gun rights supporters head to the polls today they are fully aware that Democrat candidates are boasting about the NRA’s infamous grading system.

While past election campaigns have highlighted mostly conservative and some moderate leaning candidates running for office that have earned an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, recipients have openly boasted about their gun rights “creds,” say pro-gun supporters.

FL – Gun Headlines – You Don’t Have To Cross The Atlantic To See Some Of Britain’s Rarest Guns

FORBES.COM September 9, 2018 – If you are a connoisseur of fine guns, the name Westley Richards & Co. needs no introduction. If you are not, think Rolls Royce or perhaps Bentley. Westley Richards has been building best quality firearms for the world’s most discriminating customers since the firm opened its doors in 1812. With a long list of Royal Warrants going back to HRH Prince Albert in 1840, Westley…

AT ISSUE: More guns in school! Texas open-carry groups to rally near Santa Fe mass-shooting site

SALON.COM June 22, 2018 –  A group of far-right protesters, with the groups Open Carry Texas and This Is Texas Freedom Force, are holding an “open carry” gun rally on Saturday near Santa Fe High School, where the mass shooting took place. Calling the event “Carry For Our Kids,” organizers are claiming that the only way to protect kids in schools is to allow teachers to carry guns, even with very little…

Over 550 guns seized from home of felon in Southern California

ABC NEWS.GO.COM June 19, 2018 – A tip from a neighbor about a man in possession of “a large number of guns” turned out to be an understatement. When Los Angeles County sheriffs showed up at the home with a warrant they found 432 guns at his house — and that was just the beginning of his arsenal. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Department of Justice announced…

Nat’l – Gun Headlines – AR-15 Guns And School Shootings: How Many Assault Weapons Have Been Used In Schools In 2018?

NEWSWEEK.COM May 29, 2018 – On May 18, the day 17-year-old school shooting suspect Dimitrios Pagourtzis allegedly opened fire at Santa Fe High in Texas and killed 10, a graphic made the rounds on Twitter. It listed several high-profile shootings, including Santa Fe. Next to the names: “AR-15,” a semi-automatic assault weapon celebrated as “America’s rifle” by the National Rifle Association. This isn’t the first time a mistake concerning the AR-15…

Nat’l – Gun Headlines – Why There Is No Gun Like a Glock (And Why the World’s Militaries Love Them)

THE NATIONAL INTEREST.COM May 15, 2018 – For much of the mid-twentieth century, handgun development was in a period of stagnation. The development of the semiautomatic pistol had ushered in a new weapon that, although more complex than a revolver, had a higher ammunition capacity. Quickly adopted by armies around the world, the steel-framed semiautomatic reigned for decades. Then, in the 1980s, something came along that disrupted the firearms industry:…

Int’l – Gun Headlines – The NRA helped promote this deadly Russian sniper rifle that has the US military worried (VIDEO)

BUSINESS INSIDER.COM May 9, 2018 – The Army released a report in late 2016 that centered on the Russian threat in Ukraine and detailed how the capabilities of Russian snipers have grown, thanks in small part to a deadly new Russian sniper rifle, the ORSIS T-5000. And it just so happens that the National Rifle Association once helped promote the T-5000, according to Mother Jones.