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WY – FEATURE – Professors Protest University Of Wyoming Slogan Praising Cowboys. Then This Happens.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please excuse a little self-aggrandizement.
In the summer of 2018, roughly two dozen professors at the University of Wyoming (UW) railed against the school’s new slogan, “The world needs more cowboys,” making claims that the term “cowboy” had racist, sexist, homophobic and genocidal undertones. But instead of backing down, the university’s Board of Trustees stood unwavering, voting unanimously to keep the slogan, and that decision paid off. 

MA – FEATURE – The Black Gun Owner Next Door

I’m an African-American historian and, on most issues, decidedly liberal. Could I rethink my anti-gun stance? 

Shots Fired May Be Forcing New Debate On Ammunition Capacity

November 21, 2018 – By Jeff Fletcher

When 32-year old Juan Lopez shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and three others including one police officer yesterday in a Chicago area hospital, he ran at least 30 rounds of ammunition through his semi-auto Glock pistol before killing himself, said a Chicago police spokesman.

About the same time, gun owners in New Jersey were challenging a law passed in June that reduced, and then…

Gun Retailers Are Unfairly Getting Blamed For Mass Shootings

November 20, 2018 (Click on headline to read full story) – When 19-year old Nikolas Cruz purchased his Smith & Wesson AR-15 semi-automatic rifle from Sunrise Tactical Supply in Coral Springs, Florida in February 2017 he passed a background check after filling out a federal form 4473 which swore that the information he provided was true and correct. Despite the fact that he had been diagnosed with some mental issues,…

Republican House Plans Friday Vote on Emergency Removal of Gray Wolves from Endangered List

November 16, 2018 – Wolves in every state in the lower 48 may become fair game for hunters if House Republicans are able to pass a bill today. This could be a “last gasp” opportunity for the GOP to get federal protections for wolves removed from the Endangered Species Act before turning the House chamber over to Democrats in January.

While wolves have either been repopulated in some western states…

Washington State Gun Control Initiative May Drive Up Firearm Sales

November 14, 2018  — By Jack Black

Despite efforts to put more restrictions on gun owners in the recently passed state initiative 1639, the counter-effect has kicked in with reports of gun retailers seeing an uptick in sales.

Reaction to the new restrictions which become effective in 2019 has yet to take hold with gun consumers but some retailers are already ramping up their inventory in expectation of a…

House Democrats Gird To Take Out America’s Gun Owners

November 13, 2018
By Jeff Fletcher

“Say it isn’t so,” voiced one gun rights voter as he watched the midterm election returns slowly creep in last Tuesday night.

He was among other gun owners who observed the blue trickle that, drip by drip, turned into a storm of Democrat victories in many formerly reliable bright red Republican states that were not tacitly predicting a massive wave of gun…

Democrat Gun Control Legislation May Top House Agenda in January

November 9, 2018 – By Jack Black

While Americans have become used to political rants from Democrats promising to put gun control on top of their legislative agenda after every mass shooting, this time they say they really mean it.

When the new House convenes in January, assuming Rep. Nancy Pelosi once reclaims her former House leadership seat, she and others of her party say they’re determined to not let this…

Some Wins, Some Losses Puts Both Gun Rights, Gun Controllers in Perpetual Motion

November 7, 2018
By Jeff Fletcher

Mid-term voters provided mixed results across the nation yesterday and, as polls closed from east to west, both gun rights and gun control supporters came away with some victories and some defeats.

Some of the survivors of the Parkland, Florida school massacre expressed anger when the state’s new pro-gun governor, Republican Ron DeSantis, defeated his Democrat gun control challenger, Andrew Gillum. Adding insult to injury, Florida’s…

An “F” Rating from NRA Welcomed by Gun Control Office Seekers

GUNPROPLUS.COM  November 6, 2018 – As gun rights supporters head to the polls today they are fully aware that Democrat candidates are boasting about the NRA’s infamous grading system.

While past election campaigns have highlighted mostly conservative and some moderate leaning candidates running for office that have earned an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, recipients have openly boasted about their gun rights “creds,” say pro-gun supporters.

Poll: Sorry, Anti-Gunners, Your Base Of Support For Gun Control Is Being Chipped Away Again

TOWNHALL.COM October 19, 2018 – Wait—isn’t 60 percent a solid number showing support for stricter gun laws? Yes, but support is dropping and my guess, like what happened after Sandy Hook, is that support will continue to drop until they return to pre-Newtown levels: 47 percent. And that was with a Democratic president at the helm. Sandy Hook was a tragic shooting that shook the nation, as did the February…

NAT’L – Feature – What Happens When A Black Man Tries To Embrace White Gun Culture

PACIFIC STANDARD.COM September 11, 2018 – RJ, a young black man, falls in love with Lizzie, a white woman he’s training at the Oklahoma gym where he works. The first time RJ meets Lizzie’s family as her boyfriend, he’s hardly walked in the door when her father, Charles, hands him a revolver. RJ has never handled a gun and finds them terrifying. Lizzie grew up in a household where…

Lovey Dovey: One Guy’s Passion for Dove Hunting

LEITESCULINARIA.COM From the Archives – As we crept out into the predawn gloom, everyone was a little jumpy. Armed with shotguns and plenty of shells, about a dozen of us—all anxious, all nursing hangovers—fanned out in a huge arc around a sunflower field that was maybe three acres wide. We found our places, settling in among the corn stalks that loomed above us in the adjoining field, our eyes scanning…

Man arrested after allegedly threatening a mass shooting at Penn State’s Beaver Stadium

YORK DISPATCH.COM August 24, 2018 – Penn State police arrested a 22-year-old man for allegedly making a threat aimed at Beaver Stadium during football season. According to a university press release Thursday, police arrested Charles Thomas Hitechew, of Gibsonia. University police, along with the FBI, investigated a threat shared on Twitter on Aug. 8. “I have decided that I’m going to commit the biggest mass shooting in history of the world,…

The Gun Guru of YouTube

THE ATLANTIC.COM August 14, 2018 – Someday John Correia will meet Jesus. As an ordained pastor, he has thought about how their first conversation will go. That is why he keeps his Heckler & Koch VP9 loaded with a 9-mm magazine in pristine condition. “You’re only going to draw a gun on the worst day of your life,” Correia told me. “You want to make sure the equipment works. I…

CT – Feature – Rifles over 2 centuries: Iconic manufacturers made New Haven home

NEW HAVEN REGISTER August 12, 2018 – What successful maker of high-end shirts started a firearms manufacturing company that in later years employed some 20,000 people as part of the largest industrial enterprise in New Haven? Oliver Winchester, realizing the need for improved armaments after the Civil War and as Americans headed West, formed the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. in New Haven in 1866. 

IA – Feature – How Civil Must America Be?

NEW YORK TIMES August 11, 2018 – GRINNELL, Iowa — All paths seem to cross at Saints Rest, a downtown coffee shop that opened in 1999. In the early morning, retirees amble over for kaffeeklatsch; later, professors from the college here meet students, who hunker down with laptops. Teenagers come by after school. The shop’s name stems from a term of derision for the teetotaling, lecture-friendly Congregationalists who settled…

Pre-Season Deer Scouting

BUCK MANAGER.COM From the Archives – It’s mid-summer, hot as hell and all I can think about is doing some pre-season deer scouting to get ready for hunting season. As the mercury climbs into triple digits I can’t help but think about the cooler weather the latter-half of the year provides, but it’s the deer hunting that the fall and winter offers that really gets me fired up! We…

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