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DE – Gun Control – Assault weapons ban failed because opponents showed up

DELAWARE ONLINE.COM June 22, 2018 – It’s an old cliche about politics, but it’s true: decisions are made by those who show up. If you want to know why Delaware Democrats couldn’t even get an assault weapons ban on the Senate floor for a vote, here’s why: gun owners are the ones who showed up. Look no further than the packed Senate chambers on Tuesday’s vote. Opponents of the ban far…

TX – Gun Control – Grand Prairie man who used 3-D printer to make gun is convicted on firearms charges

DALLAS MORNING NEWS June 21, 2018 – A Grand Prairie man prohibited from having a gun was convicted Wednesday on firearms charges after he shot a rifle that had a component made by a 3-D printer.  Following a two-day trial, a federal jury convicted Eric Gerard McGinnis of possessing an unregistered short-barreled rifle and unlawfully possessing ammunition while subject to an active protective order, said U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox…

CO – Gun Control – NRA Joins Challenge of Boulder Gun Ban

AMERICA’S 1ST FREEDOM.ORG (NRA) June 20, 2018 – The NRA announced its support for a lawsuit that challenges severe restrictions against gun ownership in Boulder, Colo. The Colorado State Shooting Association, a Boulder gun shop and two private citizens sued Boulder last week, seeking an injunction against a recently passed ban on so-called assault weapons. One of the key arguments is that the law is illegal because it is not in…

NJ – Gun Control – Towns Create Gun-Store Free Zones, Confident Constitution Is on Their Side

THE TRACE.COM June 20, 2018 – Officials in New Jersey fed up with federal inaction are flexing policy muscles rarely used to regulate gun dealers: local zoning codes that effectively ban firearm stores. To give the crackdown constitutional cover, they took cues from a recent federal court decision on the other side of the country. Piscataway, a suburb of New Brunswick, currently does not have a single licensed gun…

OH – Gun Control – Fate of gun control efforts in Ohio in doubt under new Speaker (VIDEO)

ABC6 ON YOUR SIDE.COM June 19, 2018 – The new speaker of the Ohio House threw cold water on Governor Kasich’s gun reform measures Tuesday. Rep. Ryan Smith, who was elected speaker earlier this month after a long standoff with fellow Republicans, said his caucus was skeptical about the legislation. “That bill has frankly caused a lot of consternation with our caucus,” Smith said. “It’s not to say that…

DE – Gun Rights – Gun rights supporters cheer as assault weapons ban falters in Senate (VIDEO)

WDEL.COM June 19, 2018 – On a sweltering day in Dover, gun rights supporters were among the first to gather outside Legislative Hall for a prized seat in the Senate chambers. Not far behind were members of Moms Demand Action and other supporters of gun safety measures. 

CO – Gun Control – Boulder council: Gun stores can’t issue certificates to assault weapons owners

DAILY CAMERA.COM June 19, 2018 – Boulder’s two gun stores will not be able to issue certificates to owners of assault weapons that are grandfathered in under the city’s ban on the guns, which took effect last week. Council member Mirabai Nagle was the lone dissenting vote. She opposed banning high-capacity handgun magazines that are legal under state law, grandfathered in via a 2013 measure.   [full…

PA – Gun Control – To politicians who propose gun control: How many guns do you own?

THE INTELLIGENCER.COM June 19, 2018 – Four Bucks municipalities have passed resolutions calling for tighter gun control. But not one public official has said if they own guns. The vote was 4-1, and with it Newtown Township became the fourth Bucks County municipality to pass a resolution calling on state and federal lawmakers for more gun control. 

More mental health care alone will not stop gun violence

THE CONVERSATION.COM June 19, 2018 – Gun violence remains a highly controversial issue in the wake of school shootings in Parkland, Florida, and other communities. At such times, politicians seem compelled to offer the public solutions. The two most prominent solutions put forth are stricter gun control laws and addressing mental illness. The frequency with which these two solutions are proposed might suggest that they are equally important. Yet, there is little…

Republicans, NRA secretly pressure Citigroup to back off restrictions on gun sellers

SALON.COM June 18, 2018 – For clients who sell guns, Citigroup requires background checks on all sales, a ban on bump stocks and high-capacity magazines, and a ban on sales to those under 21. There’s nothing unusual about a bank placing these kinds of restrictions on clients, but it now appears Citigroup has been subject to retaliation from Republicans and pro-gun activists. Gun safety advocates are trying to find out exactly how…

NJ – Gun Control – Trenton shooting puts Phil Murphy’s gun law agenda in spotlight (VIDEO)

NORTH JERSEY.COM June 18, 2018 – Four days earlier, Gov. Phil Murphy was celebrating a milestone in his promised crusade on gun violence, casting himself as a man of action and promising to export the get-tough New Jersey model to the rest of the country.   

Bank Withheld $1.6 Million From Top Bump Stock Maker After Las Vegas Shooting

THE TRACE.COM June 14, 2018 – The inventor and manufacturer of the bump stock is suing the bank that once processed its online sales, claiming the financial institution is holding a sizable sum of its money “hostage” as a result of the Las Vegas massacre. Experts say the dispute could have implications for the way financial firms deal with clients from the firearms industry. 

DC – Gun Control – AT ISSUE: Gunmakers have the successor to the bump stock lined up (VIDEOS)

THINK PROGRESS.ORG June 14, 2018 – Gun control advocates warn bump stocks are just one part of a much bigger problem. A flood of new gun technologies is pushing the envelope on what a civilian can legally own, skirting laws that have kept the most dangerous weapons off the street for decades. Like bump stocks, these other technologies are primarily found on gun ranges and YouTube videos. They’re designed…

DC – Gun Control – NRA Announces Support for Suit Against New Jersey Ammunition Magazine Confiscation Scheme

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON.COM June 14, 2018 – The National Rifle Association announced on Wednesday that it will be supporting a lawsuit filed by a local gun-rights organization against New Jersey’s law requiring the destruction or surrender of certain ammunition magazines. The NRA said it is backing the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs in their lawsuit against the state. The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, claims the new law…

CA – Gun Control – California: Deadline to Register or Modify “Assault Weapons” is Rapidly Approaching

NRA-ILA.ORG June 14, 2018 – The deadline for gun owners to register their firearms as “assault weapons” or modify them to be compliant with the restrictions that resulted from SB 880 and AB 1135 (2016) must be completed by 11:59:59 P.M. on June 30, 2018. NRA opposed these bills because gun registration inevitably leads to gun confiscation. 

IL – Gun Control – Frustrated American Medical Association adopts sweeping policies aimed at gun violence

NBC NEWS.COM June 13,2018 – CHICAGO — With frustration mounting over lawmakers’ inaction on gun control, the American Medical Association on Tuesday pressed for a ban on assault weapons and came out against arming teachers as a way to fight what it calls a public health crisis — a problem the organization says is as menacing as a lethal infectious disease. 

California Man Has Home Raided, Guns Confiscated After Trying to Register Firearm

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON June 12, 2018 – A California man had his home raided, guns seized, and will appear in court this week to face a dozen state felony charges after attempting to register a rifle in accordance with state law. Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann attempted to register an AR-15 with the California Department of Justice last month but instead found himself in significant legal trouble. Law enforcement officials raided…

Nat’l – Gun Control – Federal System Fails to Stop Thousands of Gun Sales

THE CRIME REPORT.ORG June 12, 2018 – The mass shootings at Virginia Tech, Charleston, S.C., and Sutherland Springs, Tx., had one thing in common: The killers were able to purchase guns after passing background checks they should have failed. The NICS system used by the FBI and gun retailers to check if a customer is prohibited from buying a firearm is missing millions of records, leading to thousands of…

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