Gun Control Archive

NV – Gun Control – The Las Vegas Resort Using Microwaves To Keep Guns Out Of Its Casino

WIRED.COM December 11, 2017 – Marketed by Canadian security outfit PatriotOne, the Patscan CMR combines short-range radar with machine learning algorithms to scan individual guests for guns, knives, and bombs in real time—without forcing them to line up and walk through metal detectors. Most people will never realize they’re there—and that’s exactly how Westgate wants it. 

VA – Gun Control – With new clout, Virginia Democrats to push for gun control

WHSV-TV December 6, 2017 – Days after Virginia Democrats’ astounding Election Day successes, one of the state’s most influential gun rights groups sent a warning to its members. “Gun control will be coming at us hard and heavy,” the Virginia Citizens Defense League said in an email with the subject line “2017 Elections and the path ahead.” 

DC – Gun Control – Pentagon failed to submit 600 reports to FBI, potentially allowing illegal gun buys (VIDEO)

USA TODAY December 5, 2017 – Military law enforcement officials failed to submit fingerprint reports to the FBI in one out of four cases over a two-year period in which troops had been convicted of serious crimes, potentially allowing them to purchase weapons illegally, the Pentagon Inspector General found in a report released Tuesday. 

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