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Nat’l – Gun Control – Obama Pushes Gun Control for ‘Trayvon’ and ‘Those Congregants in Thousand Oaks

BREITBART.COM December 14, 2018 – Barack Obama pushed gun control for “Trayvon” and “those congregants in Thousand Oaks,” among others, during a December 13 acceptance speech for the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award. 

IN – Gun Crime – From Facebook to murder: ‘The gun has become the default way to resolve conflicts’

Aggravated assaults — often the only difference between an assault and a murder is the shooter’s aim — also have spiked. 

MN – Gun Crime – Faculty union at Normandale raises safety concerns after reported assault (VIDEO)

New calls for safety training are being made at Normandale Community College in Bloomington after two faculty members were reportedly assaulted by a student Wednesday. 

IL – Gun Crime – The myths and truths about Chicago’s guns and murder rate

Chicago police are wrestling with gun violence, blamed largely on gangs. But there are common misunderstandings about Chicago’s homicide rate and how the city regulates firearms. 

Nat’l – Gun Crime – The NRA Misses the Target with Their “Good Guy with a Gun” Strategy

While others struggled to flee the Borderline Bar and Grill, Ventura County Sergeant Ron Helus and a still unnamed California Highway Patrol officer ran towards danger. 

IL – Gun Crime – A Chicago neighborhood battles endless flow of illegal guns

Ke’Shon Newman’s daily routine is guided by guns — the hundreds of illegal pistols, revolvers and other firearms that torment his South Side neighborhood. 

TX – Gun Crime – Air Force failed 6 times to report Texas church gunman

The Air Force failed six times to report information that could have prevented the ex-airman who killed more than two dozen people in a Texas church from purchasing a gun. 

VA – Gun Crime – Should Gun Owners Be Liable If Their Guns Are Used in a Crime?

Gun control is expected to be a major flashpoint in the upcoming session of the Virginia General Assembly, and lawmakers are preparing a long list of potential new laws. 

PA – Gun Crime – York County Men Apprehended In Game Warden Assault

Two York County men have been charged in the felony assault of a State Game Warden in Norwegian Township, Schuylkill County. Wade Michael Winemiller, 57, of Wrightsville, and Thomas E. Kelly Jr., 57, of Glen Rock, have been charged in the assault of State Deputy Game Warden David P. Fidler.

PA – Gun Crime – Violent Philly gang member gets life plus 85 years, lashes out at federal judge

A serial home invader and gang member with a penchant for cursing at court officials was sentenced Monday in federal court in Philadelphia to life plus 85 years in prison for his involvement in a series of violent home invasions and carjackings. 

MO – Gun Crime – State Senator Plans to File Gun Reform Bills — In Light of Catholic Supply Shooting

According to police reports, the male suspect went inside the store armed with a handgun and ordered all of the women inside to undress at gunpoint. The suspect then sexually assaulted several of them and shot one in the head who later died from her injuries. 

Int’l – Gun Crime – Andrew Scheer pushes lifetime firearms ban for criminals, calls Liberal policies ‘lazy’

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer unveiled a series of firearms policies Tuesday meant to curb gun violence — and slammed the Liberal government’s plan to study a national handgun ban as a “lazy” effort that could punish lawful gun owners. 

KY – Gun Crime – Police in Kentucky believe they stopped possible mass shooting in arresting man with five loaded guns in his car

Police in Kentucky believe they thwarted a possible mass shooting after they arrested a man outside a manufacturing company with five loaded guns, including a modified AR-15 rifle. 

IL – Gun Crime – Who was Juan Lopez, the suspected Chicago Mercy Hospital shooter?

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Lopez legally purchased four guns in the last five years. He had a permit to carry a concealed firearm. 

FL – Gun Crime – 650+ guns stolen from unlocked cars locally since 2017, officials want to hold owners accountable (VIDEO)

“I jumped in, started the car, put it in drive, got about halfway down the driveway, and I looked inside the console and noticed that there was a missing weapon,” said Ross, who realized in that moment he forgot to lock his car overnight. 

OH – Gun Crime – New Philadelphia police Officer Kurt Olson makes massive gun seizure

New Philadelphia Police Officer Kurt Olson seized more than 76 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition from outside of an apartment building on W. High Avenue on Wednesday, according to Police Chief Michael Goodwin. 

FL – Gun Crime – NBA star Hassan Whiteside had $50,000 gun stolen moments after buying it

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside had a brand-spanking-new $50,000 assault rifle stolen from his $400,000 Rolls Royce after he left the car unlocked in the parking lot of the gun store where he made the purchase. The truly bizarre series of events happened on July 5, when Whiteside bought a Colt M16 — the same gun used by the US army — ammo, a rifle bag and a silencer from…

FL – Gun Crime – Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz attacked jail deputy and grabbed his stun gun, cops say

The trouble began about 6 p.m. Tuesday as Sgt Raymond Beltran was in a dayroom area guarding Cruz, according to the incident report. When Beltran asked Cruz not to drag his sandals as he walked around the room, Cruz gave him the middle finger. Beltran, 41, stood up and Cruz, 20, rushed him. 

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