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KY – GUN RIGHTS – Kentucky Senate passes NRA-backed bill

The measure, backed by the National Rifle Association, cleared the Senate on a 29-8 vote on Thursday, a few hours after a committee advanced it. The bill now goes to the House. 

NM – GUN RIGHTS – New Mexico county becomes ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ in protest of gun control legislation

A small county in eastern New Mexico declared itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County” on Wednesday in protest of pending gun control legislation in the state. 

IA – GUN RIGHTS – Bill getting rid of weapon carry permits passes first legislative test

A bill to get rid of permit requirements for buying and carrying a pistol or revolver in Iowa has cleared its first hurdle in the state senate.  

NC – GUN RIGHTS – Second Amendment scholars Blocher and Miller co-direct new Duke Center for Firearms Law

Duke Law School’s newest research center is devoted to the development and dissemination of reliable and balanced scholarship on issues surrounding firearms, gun rights and regulation, and the Second Amendment. 

OH – GUN RIGHTS – Judge Sides With Gun Owners’ Groups, Overrules Cincinnati’s Ban On Bump Stocks

Hamilton County Judge Robert Ruehlman sided Monday with gun owners’ groups that sought to overturn a city of Cincinnati ordinance banning bump stocks. 

PA – GUN RIGHTS – Why one gun owner decided to finally join the NRA

Back in 1999, Frank Menendez didn’t like how the NRA responded to the Columbine mass shooting. He thought the group showed “poor taste.” 

IL – GUN RIGHTS – Crying wolf doesn’t advance gun rights

The uproar created by the Illinois General Assembly’s action to license gun dealers in the state has largely died down. 

SC – GUN RIGHTS – Pro-life and pro-gun? Evangelical minister talks faith and firearms in Charleston

Standing in the spot where a German pastor was hanged decades ago for resisting the Nazi regime, the Rev. Robert Schenck experienced a conversion. 

MD – GUN RIGHTS – Maryland’s Red Flag Law Seeks To Balance Safety With Due Process

When an attempt to carry out a gun removal in Anne Arundel County left a Maryland man dead, opponents of the state’s red flag law were incensed. 

NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – AT ISSUE: Guns v Grief: inside America’s Deadliest Cultural Chasm

Outside the world’s largest gun show the flag flies at half-mast, but it’s unclear for which catastrophe. 

NJ – GUN RIGHTS – New Jersey AG Hit With Suit by 3D-Printed-Gun Advocates

Reloading in a court battle over the dissemination of 3D-printable firearms, gun-rights activists brought a federal complaint Tuesday against New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.

NY – GUN RIGHTS – A Visit to a NYC Firing Range to Hear From Gun Owners

The entrance to the Seneca Sporting Range in Ridgewood, Queens is marked by a discreet sign, which sits above a gray door to a gray building. Nothing about the entrance says, come on in. But on one recent weeknight visit, the door was open and receiving visitors. 

How armed leftwing and rightwing groups united against racism

GUARDIAN.COM February 3, 2019 – Renewed far-right activism in the US Pacific north-west has led to an unlikely expression of solidarity between leftwing and rightwing pro-gun groups. The question is: can this uneasy cooperation last?

A dialogue has been established between the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club (PSJBGC), an armed leftist community defense group, and Three Percent of Washington (TPW), a rightwing…

MI – GUN RIGHTS – Locked & Loaded

Gun controversy is growing — and so is the number of ranges and gun shops in northern Michigan.

NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – Background Checks Are Up In 2018: What Does That Mean For The Trump Slump?

A recent report from the FBI shows an increase in background checks in 2018. So, does that mean gun sales are back up again? 


CA – GUN RIGHTS – Take a stand; Bay Buchanan defends gun ownership and the right to disagree

CA – GUN RIGHTS – Take a stand; Bay Buchanan defends gun ownership and the right to disagree
Having gone toe-to-toe over several debates on such issues as gun control, abortion and immigration for decades, Angela “Bay” Buchanan made a stop Thursday in Maryville to encourage students to take their own stand on what matters most. 

Supreme Court’s conservatives appear poised to expand Second Amendment gun rights

USA TODAY January 31, 2019 – WASHINGTON – The late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia was asked in 2013 whether the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms stood on equal ground with other constitutional protections, such as freedom of speech.

“We’re going to find out, aren’t we?” he quipped.

That Scalia — who wrote the high court’s landmark 2008 decision upholding gun rights —…

WA – GUN RIGHTS – 2nd Amendment Foundation: ‘Anti-Gunners Were Right’ About SCOTUS ‘Opening Floodgates’ on Gun Cases (VIDEO)

The founder of the Second Amendment Foundation said last week he believes the “floodgates” are now open for the Supreme Court to take new gun rights cases after the Court agreed to hear a New York case. 

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