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DC – Courts – Attorneys for FPC, FPF File 923-Page Opposition to ATF’s Illegal “Bump-Stock” Ban Proposal, Demand Hearing

FPCHQ.ORG June 27, 2018 – Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF) have announced that their extensive, 923-page opposition comment was filed with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regarding the agency’s proposed rulemaking to ban “bump-stock” devices. 

Nat’l – Gun Rights – 10 Years Later: How This Landmark SCOTUS Case Set The Stage For Gun Rights In America

TOWNHALL.COM June 26, 2018 – On June 26, 2008 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in the District of Columbia v. Heller case in a 5-4 decision. The Court ruled that “the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to own a firearm unconnected from service in a Militia and that a firearm may be used in a traditionally lawful purpose, such as for self-defense in the home.” 

OH – Gun Rights – Columbus’ ban on bump stocks hits a bump in the road

MY FOX 28 COLUMBUS.COM June 25, 2018 – Monday marked a win for Ohio gun advocates in the battle over bump stocks. In the spring, legislation was passed to ban bump stocks and keep guns away from domestic violence offenders. It prompted two gun rights groups to sue, resulting in a judge hitting pause on the law in the form of a temporary restraining order. The main debate centers…

FL – Gun Rights – Conservative Group With Ties To NRA Offering Parkland Students Scholarships To Summit

NEWSWEEK.COM June 25, 2018 – The conservative group Turning Point USA is offering a scholarship to Parkland, Florida, high school students to its annual High School Leadership Summit in July. The scholarship to attend the summit in Washington, D.C., was promoted by Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the deadly school shooting that occurred earlier this year at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 

FL – Gun Rights – 6 armed fishermen briefly detained on Florida pier, police say

FOX NEWS June 25, 2018 – Six fishermen who said they were exercising their Second Amendment right were briefly detained in South Florida before being released Sunday morning. The fishermen were carrying firearms on the South Pointe Pier in Miami Beach when park rangers called police, according to WSVN-TV. The fishermen said they were publicly demonstrating their rights. 

DC – Gun Rights – South Dakota woman travels to D.C. to fight for gun rights (VIDEO)

GRAYDC.COM June 23, 2018 -Armed with a passion for firearms, South Dakota’s Mary Yungeberg joined fellow women from across the country to send a message to Congress. “We’re gun owners, we’re positive, we’re responsible, and we’re here to support you,” she said, “and we’d like your support in return.” This is the D.C. project’s 3rd annual rally, bringing together women from nearly every state. They say they’re here to…

NJ – Gun Rights – Gun-Rights Group Files Motion to Block NJ Ammunition Confiscation Scheme as Lawsuit Proceeds

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON.COM June 22, 2018 – The local gun-rights group challenging New Jersey’s effort to ban and confiscate ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds filed a motion on Thursday to block enforcement of the law while their challenge proceeds. The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs asked the U.S. District Court of New Jersey to keep the state from enforcing the ban while…

OH – Gun Rights – Gun rights groups sue Columbus over bump stock ban (VIDEO)

MY FOX 28 COLUMBUS.COM June 21, 2018 – There’s a legal fight heading to court over the City of Columbus’s recent gun regulations. City Council members passed legislation this spring to ban bump stocks as well as keep guns away from people who have been convicted of domestic violence offenses. Two gun rights group sued Thursday arguing the City wasn’t allowed to regulate guns in any way under Ohio…

WI – Gun Rights – A Ukrainian man who had an AR-15 in open-carry parade indicted on allegations of illegally having guns

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL.COM  June 20, 2018 – A Sheboygan man who professed to having ties to a militia group was indicted Tuesday on federal charges of illegally possessing a firearm as a non-citizen. Calvin D. Glazunov, a 20-year-old Ukrainian citizen, faces two counts of possession of a firearm and ammunition by an illegal alien, according to the indictment. In a court hearing Wednesday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Nancy Joseph ordered Glazunov to remain detained…

KS – Gun Rights – Restaurant sign declaring ‘guns are welcome’ sparks heated debate

KS – Gun Rights – Restaurant sign declaring ‘guns are welcome’ sparks heated debateOX NEWS.COM June 18, 2018 – A Kansas restaurant has sparked a heated debate on social media after posting a picture to its Facebook page stating, “guns are welcome on our premises.” On Saturday morning, Riverside Cafe in Wichita, Kans., posted a picture of a grey-and-white handgun with a green circle around it underneath the declaration that guns…

IL – Gun Rights – Utah Gun Exchange members travel to Chicago to attend March For Our Lives rally, say they were wrongfully detained (VIDEO)

FOX 13 (Salt Lake City) June 18, 2018 – A pro-gun group from Utah says they were illegally held by police in Chicago after trying to attend a “March For Our Lives – Road to Change” rally. Utah gun exchange says they wanted to go to the “road to change” event held by Parkland shooting survivors to focus the conversation on peace and not turn it into an anti-gun…

Int’l – Gun Rights – Civilians own 85% of world’s 1bn firearms, survey reveals

THE GUARDIAN.COM June 18, 2018 – Latest statistics show the proliferation of privately owned guns is on the rise, with wealthy countries outstripping developing and war-torn countries. In a detailed report, weapons watchdog the Small Arms Survey has researched the numbers of guns across 230 countries. 

IL – Gun Rights – Clark County approves gun rights resolution

HERALD AND REVIEW.COM June 15, 2018 – The Clark County Board on Friday approved a resolution in support of the Second Amendment and in opposition to any state plan to limit gun rights. Other Illinois counties, including Christian, Effingham and Shelby county, have adopted gun sanctuary resolutions, a term that comes from so-called sanctuary cities that don’t cooperate with aspects of federal immigration enforcement. 

MA – Gun Rights – Hundreds of gun owners may lose gun licenses (VIDEO)

WCVB.COM June 15, 2018 – There is a call from the Gov. Charlie Baker administration to strip hundreds of gun owners in Massachusetts of their licenses. The state is asking police chiefs to take away gun licenses from people convicted of misdemeanors, and some of them have already had their licenses revoked.  

1 year after shooting, lawmakers stand firm on gun rights

LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL.COM June 14, 2018 –  In the year since House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others were shot at a congressional baseball practice, mass shootings have occurred at a Texas church, a Las Vegas music festival and high schools in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe, Texas. Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup, a doctor who helped save Scalise’s life last June: “If not for a gun — two…

IL – Gun Rights – You Can’t Take ‘Em: Judge Blocks Chicago Suburb’s Gun Ban Hours Before Going Into Effect

TOWNHALL.COM June 12, 2018 – A judge blocked a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines in the small town of Deerfield, Illinois, less than 24 hours before it was meant to go into effect. The decision, handed down Tuesday evening in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Lake County, Illinois, is a small victory for gun rights groups, who sued the Chicago suburb in April after it…

DC – Gun rights – Steve Scalise: getting shot made my gun rights support ‘as ardent as ever’

THE GUARDIAN.COM June 12, 2018 – Steve Scalise feared he would never return to his job as House majority whip, after he was shot and gravely wounded at baseball practice nearly a year ago. On Tuesday, the five-term Republican from Louisiana returned to the Capitol. Scalise said the experience reinforced his support for gun rights. “I was a strong supporter of the second amendment before the shooting,” he said, “and frankly,…

TX – Gun Rights – Open carry activists plan rally to arm teachers with guns in Santa Fe, a month after deadly school shooting

DALLAS MORNING NEWS  June 11, 2018 – Open carry activists are planning a rally in Santa Fe next weekend, a month after a deadly shooting at the town’s high school, to demonstrate support for arming teachers. The Facebook event page for the “Carry for Our Kids” rally features an advertisement with children playing on top of a black and white pistol. 

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