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KS – Gun Safety – Kansas Schools That Teach Kids About Guns, Bill Proposes, Must Start With NRA Program

KCUR.ORG (PBS) February 6, 2018 – Kansas schools that want to offer gun training in the earliest grades would be required to use a program designed by the National Rifle Association, under a bill lawmakers studied on Tuesday. That legislation would switch programs beyond the eighth grade to hunter education training designed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. 

TN – Gun Safety – Group backs firearm-safety bill exempting gun safe purchases from sales tax

TIMES FREE PRESS February 5, 2018 – A bipartisan group of Tennessee senators on Monday unveiled legislation that sponsors hope will encourage firearms owners to buy gun safes by exempting those sales from state sales taxes. Sen. Kerry Roberts, R-Springfield, and Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris, D-Memphis, said they’re hopeful the legislation will curb accidental shootings by children who gain access to family weapons. 

Nat’l – Gun Safety – This Portable Sensor Will Watch Over Your Guns While You’re Away

THE TRACE.COM February 2, 2018 – Simtek, a new security-technology company based in Mountain View, California, recently launched a funding campaign for a compact security sensor called Duo that it says might just be able to reduce accidental child shootings. The sensor is a portable device that can fit inside safes or dresser drawers. It works by monitoring ambient light and infrared heat in its range. If, for example, someone opens a…

KS – Gun Safety – Bulletproof panels for students’ backpacks put to the test (VIDEO)

KCTV5.COM (Olathe, KS) February 1, 2018 – It is a sad reality that mass shootings continue to make headlines. They happen at movie theaters, schools, nightclubs, concerts and even churches. That is why bulletproof clothing and products are becoming popular items to buy. Online, you can buy a ballistic shield to place in a backpack or other bag. It is a way to send your child off to school…

IL – Gun Safety – A Day After Shooting, Kentucky Lawmakers Debate School Security

GOVERNING.COM January 25, 2018 – Senate Minority Leader Ray Jones called Wednesday for an armed guard in every Kentucky public school following a deadly shooting Tuesday at Marshall County High School. In a floor speech, Jones, D-Pikeville, said Kentucky has not adequately funded school security measures, including law-enforcement officers who are known as school resource officers. 

GA – Gun Safety – Eddie Eagle teaches students dangers of guns (VIDEO)

WJBF.COM January 22, 2018 – Local law enforcement is starting gun safety lessons early. This month, the Richmond County Marshal’s Office started a program called Eddie Eagle that teaches students the dangers of guns. Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program is sponsored by the National Rifle Association and has been around since the 1980s. Lt. Sabb says they brought it to Richmond County Schools a few weeks ago and the kids love…

NY – Gun Safety – Why Atlanta Police Don’t Want Fans to Drive Their Guns to the College Football Championship

THE TRACE.COM January 5, 2018 – The Atlanta Police Department doesn’t want the fans who turn out to cheer on the University of Georgia and University of Alabama to stow firearms in their rides for the same reason law enforcement agencies around the country have been admonishing residents not to treat their sedans, pickups and SUVs as gun safes: A Glock or Remington left in a vehicle often makes for an…

CT – Gun Safety – Give the Gift of Safety (MULTIPLE VIDEOS)

NSSF.ORG December 22, 2017 – Safe storage is the number one way to help prevent firearms accidents. NSSF’s Project ChildSafe program works to make communities across the country safer by providing free gun locks and safety education materials. Demand, however, is greater than we can meet. Your contribution to Project ChildSafe will close the gap and encourage the secure storage of guns when not in use. During this season…

Nat’l – Gun Safety – Top-selling handgun safe can be remotely opened in seconds—no PIN needed  (VIDEO)

ARS TECHNICA.COM December 9, 2017 – One of Amazon’s top-selling electronic gun safes contains a critical vulnerability that allows it to be opened by virtually anyone, even when they don’t know the password. The Vaultek VT20i handgun safe, ranked fourth in Amazon’s gun safes and cabinets category, allows owners to electronically open the door using a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app. 

IA – Gun Safety – Gun Maker’s Exploding Rifle Leaves Trail of Injured Hunters

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT December 5, 2017 –  It was the opening day of deer hunting season, and Ronald Hansen says he loaded his rifle the same way he had countless times before, aimed at a target and fired a shot. This time, the gun barrel exploded, knocking the farmer from Hampton, Iowa, backward, severely damaging his right hand and ear and burning his face. 

Nat’l – Gun Safety – Guns and divorce: Nine things you need to know

HOMETOWN LIFE.COM (Via USA TODAY) December 4, 2017 – I am about to file for a divorce and my husband has several hand guns and rifles in the house. Our marriage has been volatile and I am concerned about my safety and the safety of our children. What should I do? 

IA – Gun Safety – Dog steps on shotgun, shoots hunter

CBS NEWS.COM November 30, 2017 – WOOLSTOCK, Iowa — Authorities say a pheasant hunter in north-central Iowa was accidentally shot and wounded when a dog stepped on shotgun trigger guard and the gun fired. Ken Lonneman, a DNR conservation officer, told CBS News that four hunters and two dogs were looking for the game birds when one of the hunters placed a loaded shotgun on the ground.  [full…

Man accidentally shoots himself and his wife at a church, shortly after a discussion on shootings

WASHINGTON POST  November 17, 2017 – About 20 elderly people sat down for an early Thanksgiving meal Thursday at a church in East Tennessee, unaware that the pleasant afternoon would take a grim turn. During their meal, they decided to discuss gun safety in light of recent mass shootings — an idea that came to them after a neighboring county’s sheriff’s department chose to hold similar seminars at its local churches, said Tellico Plains Police Chief Russ…

Nat’l – Gun Safety – To Study Violence After Gun Shows, Researchers Turn To An Unlikely Source

WIRED.COM November 15, 2017 – The Big Show Journal is no ordinary gun magazine. The print periodical, which appears on newsstands nationwide six times a year, is also, according to its website, “America’s most interesting gun and knife magazine” and “America’s most accurate and complete gun and knife show calendar.”  


NV – Gun Safety – Free Gun Safety Event This Saturday In Las Vegas (VIDEO)

LAS VEGAS.CBSLOCAL.COM November 2, 2017 – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s (LVMPD) Northwest Area Command (NWAC) would like to invite the public to a free gun safety event this Saturday. The LVMPD has teamed up with Clark County and the City of Las Vegas to provide members of our area a chance to educate themselves about firearms safety. 

MI – Gun Safety – Gun Owner To Blame For Dearborn Shooting: Gun Rights Group

DEARBORN PATCH.COM September 29, 2017 – While Wednesday’s shooting of two 3-year-old boys at a home-based child care in Dearborn by a toddler with a handgun was tragic, the fault lies with the gun owner, according to a Michigan gun rights group. “That was clearly gross negligence,” Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners Attorney Steve Dulan said said. “That was not responsible gun ownership.” One boy was shot in the…

MI – Gun Safety – Three boys thank firefighters after rescue from gun safe

DETROIT NEWS.COM September 26, 2017 – It was a hot 12 minutes, Sunday afternoon, as Sterling Heights firefighters sawed and pried, working to rescue three little boys, all 3 or 4 years of age, from the human-size gun safe they managed to lock themselves into. The safe had just been delivered to the home. It was such a new arrival that the instructions for its use, as well as…

KS – Gun Safety – New ‘Safety Bullet” provides different variation of gunlock (VIDEO)

KCTV5.COM September 25, 2017 – LAWRENCE, KS (KCTV) – Following the accidental shooting death of a toddler in Lawrence Friday, some of you may be reconsidering what precautions you take with firearms in the home. There’s a new option that you may be more likely to use than a standard gun lock or safe. It’s called the Safety Bullet, which is a variation of a lock, but actually goes inside…

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