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PA – GUN SAFETY – A Philadelphia attorney bought a $3,500 gun safe in response to Pa.’s new domestic abuse law

Some attorneys say storing guns brings too much risk or is just too big of a hassle. 

CA – Gun Safety – Police say he spoke of delusions and had a rifle overlooking a SF school. What happens now?

The difficult case of Igor Perlov began last year when, authorities said, he called the FBI in San Francisco to say he thought there was a chip under his skin and was being programmed to carry out a mass shooting. 

DE – GUN SAFETY – Delaware might change how you can store your guns at home.

Lawmakers are debating a bill to add more safety requirements on the storage of firearms. Gun control advocates hail the measure as a step toward gun safety, while some gun rights groups say it’s unnecessary. 

MT – GUN SAFETY – Gun safety bill goes down without debate in Montana Legislature

Without discussion, the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday tabled a bill that originally created a gun safety program for public schools and set fines for those who didn’t properly secure a gun used by a child in an act of violence. 

NV – GUN SAFETY – 5 North Las Vegas family members arrested in wake of boy’s shooting

During the investigation, detectives found 17 guns in the home where the shooting happened, with seven of the firearms loaded, according to an arrest report. 

PA – GUN SAFETY – Left in bathrooms, forgotten in purses — advocacy group tallies gun-related incidents in schools

Left in the bathroom, tucked in a bag, forgotten in a school van — guns belonging to teachers or school officers have been left out or accessible to students in America at least 60 times in the last five years. 

GA – SCHOOL SAFETY – Police train for active shooter at C.A. Gray Junior High

When gunshots sounded on Tuesday at a Colquitt County school campus during a police training drill some of the neighbors did what officials hope would happen if it had been the real thing — they called 911. 

NAT’L – GUN SAFETY – Congress set aside $1 billion after Parkland. Now schools are starting to use it.

From panic buttons to metal detectors, communities take a page from Fort Knox. 


IL – GUN SAFETY – Measure to allow hunting safety courses in schools passes Illinois House committee (VIDEO)

Democrats and Republicans came together on a bill to allow hunter safety and training courses in schools. 

OR – GUN SAFETY – Oregon Senate Bill Would Allow Gun Safety to be Taught to First Graders

Senate Bill 801 would allow, but not require, public and private schools to have a 30-minute class on firearm safety and accident prevention for first graders. 

NAT’L – GUN SAFETY – 3.5 guns with chambered rounds found daily at TSA checkpoints

2019 is almost on pace to match last year’s record for the number of firearms confiscated at airport security checkpoints. 



Olin Winchester, LLC (“Winchester”) is recalling three (3) lots of 38 Special 130 Grain Full Metal Jacket centerfire ammunition which may contain incorrect powder charges. 

CT – GUN SAFETY – The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Crime Prevention Council Release Two New ‘McGruff Gun Safety’ Videos for Young Children

‘Molly’s Mischief’ and ‘Not Cool, Kyle’ teach students from kindergarten to 6th grade to ‘Stop! Don’t touch! Get away! Tell an adult!’ 

PA – Gun Safety – Kindergarten student brings loaded gun to elementary school, officials say (VIDEO)

WPXI-TV reports that the weapon wasn’t found until after school, when another student told a bus driver that someone had a gun.

NE – GUN SAFETY – Choosing that first rifle for a young shooter

I get this question several times a year, “When should you begin to let your child shoot a rifle?” 

UT – GUN SAFETY – Her stray bullet killed a passing teen. Now she’ll teach gun safety, Utah judge rules

Firing at targets pinned to cardboard boxes in the Utah woods with her family that September day, Kayleen Richins didn’t realize a road ran behind their impromptu shooting range. 

FL – GUN SAFETY – These devices can help you safely store your gun (VIDEO)

The following items are just a small example of some of the items you can use to safely store your gun. 

NY – GUN SAFETY – 13 injured in NY hunting accidents involving guns in 2018

State officials say 13 people were injured last year in hunting accidents involving guns. Three of them died.

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