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NAT’L – GUN SAFETY – An Immigrant Entrepreneur Designed A Biometric Gun Lock To Save Lives. Now, Can He Grow A Company?

And, he’d finally made his first big sale. The big outdoor chain, Cabela’s, was waiting for the biometric locks. They fit over the trigger of different handguns, detaching automatically when a gun’s owner picks up a gun. 

FL – GUN SAFETY – DeSantis weighs in on school safety after report

With a state commission saying classroom teachers should be allowed to be armed “guardians,” Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday backed the possibility of more school employees being able to carry guns — while also calling for other steps to avoid mass shootings. 

KS – GUN  SAFETY – “Kids have to be trained,” gun expert talks safety after accidental shooting (VIDEO)

After a nine-year-old was killed during an accidental shooting, police are urging gun owners to educate those in households where guns are stored. A local gun safety expert said training is key. 

NAT’L – GUN SAFETY – Replica gun, real death

It’s a story that is heard too often — and unnecessarily — in this country: Police in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe, Arizona, say a burglary suspect shot to death by an officer Tuesday was a 14-year-old boy carrying a replica gun. 

IA – GUN SAFETY – Gun Safety Courses Will Be Mandatory For Some Iowa Middle School Students (VIDEO)

In this rural community, which has a population of roughly 1,400, school leaders say it’s not uncommon for kids to encounter guns at a young age with popular activities such as fishing and hunting. 

WI – GUN SAFETY – A Firearm That Sends A Text If It’s Moved: Innovators Pitch Law Enforcement On The Latest Smart Guns

People on both sides of the gun control debate can at least agree safer guns are a good thing — can’t they? 

CT – GUN SAFETY – NSSF, Project ChildSafe Celebrate 20 Years of Leading the Way on Genuine Firearms Safety

Community-led effort focuses on preventing firearms accidents, thefts and misuse 

LAS VEGAS – As Project ChildSafe, the nationwide firearms safety education program of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, it’s stepping up efforts with the shooting sports industry to remind gun owners of their important role as leaders in genuine firearms safety.

“Nearly 9,000 retailers, gun ranges, makers of accessories and conservation groups, along with…

GA – Gun Safety – Gun slips through middle school metal detector

Deputies say a student managed to get loaded gun into Burke County Middle, a school that actually uses metal detectors. They’ve had metal detectors there for more than 20 years. 

Nat’l – Gun Safety – Everyone’s Favorite Gun Control Zealot Attempts to Spin the Firearm Industry’s Progress on Accidental Shooting Deaths

Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts is no stranger at spinning the facts in order to push her agenda of disarming law-abiding Americans. And she’s at it again. 

Nat’l – Gun Safety – Accidental Gun Deaths Halved in 2 Decades Despite Increased Gun Sales

Far fewer Americans fall victim to firearm accidents than some two decades ago, even though people own more guns, according to new data. 

MN – Gun Safety – Gun shop owner: Give the gift of education, too. (VIDEO)

Here are a few things you should know before you put a firearm under the tree this year.

ID – Gun Safety – Schools are front lines in teaching kids gun safety

if you want to address gun safety in this region, allow guns in schools and literally get them in the hands of children. At issue here is educating kids about firearms to put facts into their heads that otherwise will be filled with fears. 

TN – Gun Safety – Law enforcement warns public about buying air guns as gifts for kids

The holiday season is upon us, and police are warning people about buying fake or replica guns for young loved ones as a gift. 

DC – Gun Safety – After Parkland, Trump school safety commission rejects age limits for gun buys

President Donald Trump’s federal commission on school safety concluded in a report released Tuesday that raising the age to buy firearms probably wouldn’t stop the next school shooting because attackers often procure guns illegally. 

IA – Gun Safety – Iowa school districts to roll out mandatory firearm courses next year

Two school districts in Iowa will reportedly introduce mandatory classes about firearm safety into school curriculum starting next year.  

WY – Gun Safety – Does owning the most guns make Wyo. safer?

A majority of the Wyoming House of Representatives wants to do away with gun-free zones, including zones around schools and colleges. That means teachers, staff — anyone who obtains a concealed-carry permit — could bring a firearm into K-12 schools. 

IA – Gun Safety – Students at North Butler and Clarksville schools can take firearms course in spring

Firearm safety is being added to the curriculum in the North Butler and Clarksville Community School Districts.

NM – Gun Safety – 3-Year-Old Shoots Infant In The Face After Finding Loaded Gun

Shayanne Nelson, 18, and Tyrell Bitsilly, 21, were charged with child abuse after Nelson’s young child found a gun in the room and accidentally fired it. The bullet hit an eight-month-old girl in the face. 

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