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OR – Gun Safety – Oregon lawmakers plan to introduce gun storage bill in 2019

Democrats in the Oregon Legislature plan to introduce a bill in 2019 that would require gun owners to securely store their weapons using locks. Gun owners who fail to follow through could be fined as much as $500, or $2,000 if a child gets unauthorized access to the firearm. 

Nat’l – Gun Safety – Small, Cheap Guns Are Back, and Some Question Their Safety

More Americans than ever are carrying concealed handguns, but some of these small pistols are coming under scrutiny for accidentally shooting their owners. 

PA – Gun Safety – NRA instructor gives Einstein doctors gun safety lesson amid #ThisIsOurLane debate

A National Rifle Association-certified gun instructor led the Einstein Medical Center pediatrics department through a firearms safety course on Tuesday, stressing that adherence helps prevent gun fatalities. 

IA – Gun Safety – DM Officer With Gun Pointed At Him Refuses to Fire At Young Black Male, Later Learns Gun Was Fake (VIDEO)

On September 3, 2018 Des Moines police fielded calls that could put anyone on high alert.  “We had several people give us a call that they saw a young man walking the street and he was armed with a hand gun,” said Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parizek. 

WA – Gun Safety – Using gun safes under Washington’s newest gun control regulation

When Initiative 1639 goes into effect, gun owners can be charged with a crime if their firearms end up in the wrong hands. That has a lot of gun owners asking about their options. What about gun safes? 

CA – Gun Safety – California law makes locking up guns easier than locking up possibly dangerous gun owners (AUDIO PODCAST)

“It’s too bad I won’t get to see all the illogical and pathetic reasons people will put in my mouth as to why I did it,” (Ian David Long) posted as police were arriving at the Borderline Bar. “I hope people call me insane … wouldn’t that just be a big ball of irony? Yeah … I’m insane … but the only thing you people do after these shootings…

Nat’l – Gun Safety – As gun violence continues, colleges sharpen campus safety message (VIDEOS)

A new safety video from Northwestern puts a twist on a familiar format as colleges take big steps to increase awareness and prevention. 

CA – Firearms Safety – This trauma surgeon patches up gunshot wounds. Here’s what he says about gun safety

Davis says he hopes the the national conversation on firearm safety can be pushed forward. He makes it clear that he is not talking about gun control. “I want to talk about firearm injury prevention.” He has an interesting relationship with guns: He owns several. Growing up in the Midwest, he hunted with his father – and these days he enjoys target, trap and skeet shooting. 

CO – Gun Safety – Kids learn to shoot and stay safe with guns

A group of kids and their parents met at Rocky Mountain Gun Club Saturday to learn about gun safety. Kids geared up to learn how to shoot pistols and rifles at the indoor range. 

NC – Campus Guns – CMS implementing new measures to keep guns, violence out of schools (VIDEO)

The district will be taking several enhanced safety measures, including random wand screenings. The district says that will start after the winter break. CMS has already ordered 50 of the $300 wands. Wilcox thinks it will take staff about five seconds to wand a single student. 

GA – Gun Safety – Cracking down on guns at checkpoints at Atlanta’s airport (VIDEO)

The latest effort to get travelers to not show up at the airport checkpoint with a weapon is to describe what will happen to you that could spoil your family trip for Thanksgiving. 

MN – Gun Safety – Firearms and dementia: How do you convince a loved one to give up their guns?

Carol and Lloyd Bates in Denver, Colo. “I understood very well the dangers of having a gun in the house and what it could lead to,” says Lloyd. So, after his dementia diagnosis, they locked away his Colt .45-caliber revolver.  

Nat’l – Gun Safety – Many Kids Don’t Know The Difference Between Real & Toy Guns, Startling New Survey Finds

Toys guns have become a regular topic of debate as many people wonder how safe it is to normalize playing with kids. For many, toy guns pose real concerns when it comes to accidental shootings. 

FL – Gun Safety – LCSO gives tips on gun safety for Halloween (VIDEO)

WTXL.COM October 30, 3018 –  Halloween is just around the corner and popular kid costumes include things like bandits and sheriffs, which may include fake guns.  The Leon County Sheriff’s office said to make sure you treat every gun you see like it’s real, until you’re absolutely sure it isn’t. 

NC – School Safety – Despite Butler High tragedy, metal detectors aren’t the answer.

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER.COM October 30, 2018 – Research shows such measures can have a negative impact on student performance, especially at already struggling schools. Plus, money for metal detectors might have to come from other school resources. It won’t stop the student in a parking lot with a gun and a dispute to settle. It won’t stop someone with mental illness who might have a weapon outside a school entrance. …

Nat’l – Gun Safety – Firing a 2 Inch Gun in Slow Motion (VIDEO ONLY)

BOING BOING.NET October 12, 2018 – It’s so tiny and deadly! “Do not mess around with pinfire guns at home. You could get a tiny but very real owwie. 

AZ – Gun Safety – Video shows how NOT to take a selfie at the shooting range (VIDEO)

12 NEWS.COM (Phoenix) October 11, 2018 –  Gun ranges are a place for training, protection and selfies? “It’s an experience for them, and they want to record that experience but they need to do it safely,” Paul Abela, sales manager at Caswells shooting range said. But a viral video from a Texas shooting range shows what people are not to do. The man first poses with the gun taking…

IA – Gun Safety – Gunsmith students to clean firearms for class trip

NEWTON DAILY NEWS October 2, 2018 – Local gun owners can take their firearms to the Iowa Valley Community College in Grinnell for a professional cleaning from students enrolled in the Gunsmithing Program. Students are raising the funds needed for a class trip to attend the 2019 Annual Custom Gunmaker’s Guild Convention in Dallas, Texas.

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