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NV – FEATURE – Gunship Helicopters aims for unique flight, gun adventures

The unique attraction lets guests shoot fully automatic machine guns while flying in a helicopter. 

A special treat for our Easter Weekend Edition

THIS VERY INTERESTING FEATURE comes to us from Dave James at www.targetcrazy.com with our thanks. As hunters and lovers of wildlife and wild places, we’ve all experienced unusual activities, sounds, smells and other signs and traces of the wildlife that surrounds us. While those may be clues to animal activity they are also insights into the daily…

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Seeing Red

Steve Comus

When a socialistic “greater good” outweighs personal freedoms, liberty is lost.

Logic is absent as folks act and react in insane ways to crazy acts, often willing to do anything, even if it is wrong, just to feel good about having done something.

The operative…

WY – HUNTING/WILDLIFE – Conservation groups ask G&F to make hunters carry bear spray

Conservation organizations have asked Wyoming Game and Fish to require hunters carry bear spray in an attempt to reduce grizzly bear mortality. The proposals — the groups petitioned the same of Idaho — come after a number of grizzly bear mortalities due to hunter-related conflicts. 

The Solid South is Rising on Guns Again. Who Knew?

It’s the wimpy west that’s now of greater concern to politically conservative gun owners

Procrastinators who neglected going to the polls last November woke up dazzled by the many headlines that trumpeted overwhelming  ‘victory’ for gun control.

Moms, Brady, Everytown and Giffords were joined by probably the majority of the nation’s mainstream print and electronic news media…

5 Turkey Hunting Mistakes Every Hunter Should Avoid (VIDEO)


WIDE OPEN SPACES.COM From the Archives- Let’s face it. Turkey hunting mistakes are easy to make. Avoid these five mistakes and you’ll kill more turkeys.

1. Calling from a bad position – When a gobbler responds to your turkey call, you’ve made contact and the bird could be coming. Have a setup spot ready before calling to avoid a…

Tips for Hunting Mountain Gobblers

AMERICAN HUNTER.ORG (NRA) From the Archives – Many hunters in the Appalachian Mountains will tell you it is the most difficult place in the country to kill a gobbler. This includes West Virginia, Pennsylvania, east Tennessee, east Kentucky, north Georgia and western Virginia.

The turkeys in this part of the world have been hunted since the days of Simon Kenton,…

Fowl Ball

It sometimes hurts to say this but…I’m not a turkey hunter. Followers of this space have read of my turkey misadventures before. Unlike the story just above, the turkeys in the northern part of the Rocky Mountains are more like those you’d find on a commercial turkey farm; they’ll follow you around if they think you’ve got something to…

Gun Control and ‘Toxic Masculinity’: Two Battles in the Same War

A shuttle bus ride skirting “the Strip” brings me to the Sands Expo Center, where the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is being held. It’s where more than 60,000 firearms enthusiasts gather each January to peruse seven million pounds worth of wares some 2,400 exhibitors display across 12.5 miles of aisles. That’s 16 acres of gun stuff.

FIREPOWER – The GunProPlus Video Magazine

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Fly-Over Counties

Liberals don’t like it when conservatives start stealing their thunder

Democrats were understandably upset when Donald Trump stole the pangs of victory from Hillary Clinton and became the 45th President of the United States.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen,” was the trend of opinionated news reports on the night of November 8, 2016. Indeed, conservative Trump surprisingly…

Squirrel Hunting Tips for the Early Season


Everybody knows you have to be quiet as a church mouse to be a good squirrel hunter. Right?  Well . . . that’s one way. But it’s not the only way. First introduced in 1985 by a veteran squirrel hunter named Shannon Talkington from Lake Village, Arkansas, the “Mr. Squirrel” squeaker call ushered in a whole new way of doing things…

Game gourmet: Early spring weather makes it great time for rabbit hunt


The recent rise in temperatures — the onset of spring — means rabbits, which had previously remained burrowed in snowbanks, may venture out from cover. There is no better time for hunters to get outdoors and harvest cottontails, snowshoes or jackrabbits.

A good friend of mine grew up in Maine hunting snowshoe hares and jackrabbits in an alder patch just outside his…

The Turkeys in My Yard Are Mostly Wild. Some Are Even Human.

The Turkeys in My Yard Are Mostly Wild. Some Are Even Human.

It was a dark and stormy night…no, that’s a different story. Sorry. It was a snowy and freezing day. A Thursday no less. Last day of February. I was slowly making my way down the 300 yards to pavement when I had to shudder my pickup to a…

FIREPOWER – The GunProPlus Video Magazine

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FIREPOWER – The GunProPlus Video Magazine

Sign-up to receive FIREPOWER every month. Click HERE. If you’ve already signed up, check your email for the link.



Because the public is not invited to attend the SHOT Show – 2019 marks the 41st annual edition – doesn’t mean that gun owners and those interested in firearms and gun news just have to sit at home watching Netflix. This year we’re spending some time with you, our appreciated readers…

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SHOT Show TV Jan. 22, 2019 Headlines.

It’s time to set your sights on the worlds largest Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show has it all. SHOT Show TV brings you the must-see moments from both on and off the show floor at the 41st Annual SHOT Show.

SHOT SHOW 2019: New Products…

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