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AR – February 20, 2020 – 2 middle school students arrested after bringing guns to school

Two students at middle schools in Pulaski County brought firearms to school this week, authorities said. A Mabelvale Middle School student was arrested and charged Thursday with possessing a handgun on school property, Little Rock police said. 

And You Thought Only Men Were Animals

It’s now revealed: The fairer sex is no longer just fair. They’re murderous. Thus, they extend into the human realm.  Or so it sometimes seems. Boys and other boys, girls and other girls have fought for, among other things like weight lifting the 340-lb. offensive guard over one’s head or wearing matching outfits (when one girl thought she had the market cornered on…


Assumption as Truth

As Texas Goes, so goes the nation? Maybe not so much.

It’s 6 pm. Dinner time. The phone rings. You’ve been fooled too many times before by someone selling something, so you ignore the rings and let the call go to your answering machine. If you’re lucky, the caller will leave a…

NAT’L – WILDLIFE –   How Animals Survive In Winter

Have you ever wondered how animals survive during the cold winter months? Animals use one of three coping mechanisms to deal with cold, snow and food shortages. Animals in winter may: Migrate: Migration means moving, and some animals move with the changing seasons. By moving from cold areas to warmer ones, animals are able to find food sources that are otherwise unavailable…

When Winter Comes

You may have heard all about the Ides of March when you were in school. During Roman times, warriors saw the month of March arrive with things they didn’t like but were preparing to fight. This year, as with the last one, it isn’t the Ides of March we have to fight but the Ides of February. Across the nation, cold weather…


(Editor’s Note: An open letter was sent to us from a GunProPlus reader in Australia. Interest in the U.S. about Aussie gun control has been running high due to past and recent mass shootings in both Australia and New Zealand. Thus, we are publishing the Open Letter from “Anonymous” as a service in the public interest.)

Open Letter To The US: Australian ‘Gun Control’ Isn’t All That It’s…

Purring Like a Kitten

Purring Like a Kitten

The last thing our neighbors told their young son as they headed upstairs to bed down for the night was…well…prophetic. “Don’t forget to let the cat in,” they announced.

That was nothing out of the ordinary. Their dog was mostly a homebody and old enough to hardly ever hear orders to “get off…

Trump’s Gun Rights

Fred Guttenberg, father of a Parkland School shooting victim, interrupted a portion of President Trump’s speech regarding protecting the Second Amendment by seemingly blaming the President for the death of his daughter. Guttenberg, who was in the gallery as the guest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, hollered out his objections, catching Pelosi by surprise. The Speaker then…

Weekend at the Movies

Smile, You’re on…..You Know

How many times have you sat on a cozy spot and spent hours waiting…and waiting…and waiting…for something to come along? A deer maybe. An elk  A bear. A…whatever. By that time you’ve become understandably impatient so you pack up your gear and head home. Mission unaccomplished. Well, take heart, fellow observer; there’s a…

Weekend at the Movies

Target Practice

Every year about this time, after hunting seasons have closed down and the sometimes frigid weather makes TV show sponsors happy as gophers on a golf course, we turn to just about the only available option: target practice. It’s something we do. Like cautiously mentioning to “the little woman” (whatever that is) that, instead of going…

SHOT SHOW Sneak Peek – Friday, Jan. 24, 2020

Bushnell Spotting Scope

Bushnell’s Engage DX spotting scope simplifies long range viewing with fully multi-coated optics combined with a new rugged construction. The 20-60x80mm spotter provides users with bright, clear images while its new metal chassis and rubber armor protect the optical system for a lifetime of use. High quality images are…

SHOT Preview: Burris Prism Sights

Burris RT-1 and RT-3 Prism sights complete the Burris R-T line of close-range optics. Compact profiles and rugged construction provide shooters two light-weight sight options with excellent balance for easy handling and speedy on target accuracy. The RT-1 features true 1x magnification allowing for quick undistorted shooting with both eyes open. A crisp 2 MOA dot reticle auto adjusts its brightness…

SHOT Preview: Franchi Instinct Catalyst Shotgun

FRANCHI addressed the specific sizing and configuration needs of female shooters with the successful introduction of the Instinct Catalyst chambered in 12 gauge. Franchi expands this female-centric line of shotguns with the addition of a 20-gauge over/under shotgun. The addition of the 20-gauge model allows female shooters the option of a field gun with less felt recoil and even more nimble…

SHOT Preview: SIG SAUER P320 RXP Series

SIG SAUER  introduces red dot accuracy right out-of-the box with the P320 RXP Series pistols.  The P320 Full-Size, Compact, XFULL, and XCOMPACT RXP pistols combine the latest advancements in reflex optics with a factory installed ROMEO1PRO Reflex Optic from SIG SAUER Electro-Optics with the award-winning P320 pistol. The P320 RXP Full-Size and Compact Series Pistols are 9mm striker-fired pistols that come with…

SHOT Preview: Bond Arms Grizzly

Bond Arms announces the newest member of its Rough Series family-the Grizzly. The new single-action double barrel pistol inherits the premium features found on all Bond Arms. Like all Bond Arms, the Grizzly features stainless-steel barrels and frames, cross-bolt safety, retracting firing pins, spring-loaded cam-lock lever and rebounding hammer. The Grizzly’s 3-inch barrel, with blade front sight and fixed rear sight,…

SHOT Preview: Galco Holster

Galco introduces the Jak Slide 2.0. Riding between the belt and pants, it’s an ideal blending of IWB and OWB holsters and offers advantages of both. The original all-leather Jak Slide was introduced by Galco in the mid-1970s, and now we’ve improved it with a contemporary hybrid redesign. The Jak Slide 2.0 uses the pressure of the belt to pull the…

SHOT Preview: Bushnell’s Engage DX Spotting Scope

Bushnell’s Engage DX spotting scope simplifies long range viewing with fully multi-coated optics combined with a new rugged construction. The 20-60x80mm spotter provides users with bright, clear images while its new metal chassis and rubber armor protect the optical system for a lifetime of use. High quality images are always guaranteed through Bushnell’s dielectric prism coating and patented EXO Barrier finish….

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