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Firearms Policy Coalition Acquires New California DOJ “Bullet-Button Assault Weapons” Regulations Through FPC’s Regulatory Watch Program

CA (May 18, 2017) — In response to numerous legal demands, including one sent today by attorney Jason Davis, the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) has provided Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) with a copy of previously-secret Department of Justice (DOJ) “assault weapons” regulations. FPC has published the regulations at, a Web site it established in 2016 for tracking the new California assault weapon laws and regulations.


Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P® 15 MOE SL® Rifle Series

Now Shipping M&P15 MOE SL Mid Magpul® Spec Series™ in Black, Stealth Gray, and Flat Dark Earth

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (May 9, 2017) – Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that through a collaboration with Magpul Industries, it is introducing three new firearms to its popular M&P15 series of modern sporting rifles.  As the newest additions to the market leading M&P15 rifle platform, the M&P15 MOE SL rifles integrate Magpul’s MOE SL accessories, while…

Pete Brownell Elected President of the National Rifle Association

GRINNELL, Iowa (May 3, 2017) – Pete Brownell of Montezuma, Iowa, was elected by the National Rifle Association Board of Directors as President May 1, 2017, following the 146th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Atlanta.

An NRA Life Member since birth, Brownell is the Chief Executive Officer of the legendary family-owned firearm and firearm accessory retailer Brownells. He brings a record of leadership, a passion for the outdoors and…

GunProPlus Editor’s Note:

There is so much wrong with this story that there is not enough space to adequately respond to it. Just be assured that we post it as today’s Top Story on our website because it shows how “the other side” is strategizing and because we think our GunProPlus readers are too smart to be taken in by such anti-gun drivel. Be sure to read our daily commentary response titled, Poll…

Shoot Like A Girl Mobile Range Onsite at NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA

Shoot Like A Girl continues to empower and educate new women shooters

Athens, AL – April 25, 2017 – Shoot Like A Girl passionately advocates for the voice of law-abiding citizens and continues to promote the importance of introducing women to shooting sports.

Shoot Like A Girl’s state-of the-art, 53 foot semi-trailer size mobile range will be on location at the NRA Annual Meeting, set for April 27-30, 2017 in Atlanta,…

Scout Turkeys Early or Be Disappointed Later

Your hunting areas have changed and the turkeys have already adapted. Will you?

By Jay Anglin

TRADITIONS MEDIA March 10, 2017 –  “It won’t be long… I can’t wait.” These are just a couple of the common expressions you’ll hear from turkey hunters at this time of year. And while they’re growing increasingly excited about the coming spring season, amazingly, most turkey hunters don’t start scouting until just prior to the…

Richard Turner Named President of Umarex USA, Inc.

FORT SMITH, AR (March 9, 2017) – Umarex USA, Incorporated announced today that Richard Turner has been appointed President, effective immediately. As President, Turner will have responsibility for the full scope of company operations and he will report directly to Chief Executive Officer, Adam Blalock.

Turner, 45, is a 10-year veteran of Umarex USA and since 2006 served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Turner was responsible for the…

The Truth About Mental Illness and Guns

25Feb17 CoupleMentalIllVidPic

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Israelis Will Soon Be Mass Producing AK-47s for the U.S. Market

THE DAILY BEAST.COM February 27, 2017 – The lynchpin for any weapons maker is the bottomless U.S. civilian market, which is estimated to hold anywhere from 300 million to 600 million guns and generates approximately $16 billion in yearly revenue. Command Arms and Accessories (CAA) plans to tap directly into this market by building its own factory in Florida, set to open this month. It’ll be a wholly U.S. venture…

Maryland’s AR Gun Ban Looking More Like California’s ‘Gunmaggedon’

GUNPROPLUS.COM February 22, 2017 – A federal appeals court for the 4th District in Richmond, VA ruled Tuesday that the Maryland ban on military-styled rifles with removable high capacity magazines is not protected by the Second Amendment. The 10-4 ruling by a full district panel overturned an earlier three-member ruling on semi-auto ARs that called into question the provision in the 2008 Heller ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that…

In PA Gun Case a Judge’s Opinion is Just That. An Opinion.

By Bob Rogers | GUNPROPLUS.COM  February 21, 2017 — A lawyer’s greatest wish is planting a three-word winning thought – “In my opinion….” – into the mind of a judge just before the judge rules on a case. While no judge will admit to that as the defining inspiration for decision-making, he/she knows that he/she was swayed not so much by historical finding as by medieval philosophy. After all, no judge…

CA – Gun News – Loophole Lets Criminals Buy Untraceable ‘Ghost Guns’ On-line

NBC NEWS.COM February 9, 2017 – A legal loophole means that anyone, including criminals, can order a so-called “ghost gun” off the web without a background check – a gun with no serial number that can’t be traced. The guns are built from kits and arrive in pieces, so under existing law, when they’re shipped, they aren’t guns. When assembled by their buyers, they’re lethal – and legal. Federal…

Ruger American Pistol® Family Grows

The Ruger American Pistol® family, originally born at the end of 2015, continues to grow with the addition of the Compact model in .45 Auto. Among the family now are both duty and compact sizes, Pro and manual safety configurations, 9mm Luger and .45 Auto chamberings, and both higher and lower capacity options. Check out our full listing of model offerings to find the Ruger American Pistol® that is…

National Park Service decides to ban hunting in California’s new new Castle Mountains Monument

January 4, 2017 — Hunting has been banned in the new 30,000-acre Castle Mountains National Monument in California’s Mojave Desert, according to the National Park Service, which will be managing the new monument. The monument was created early in 2016 by President Barack Obama via proclamation.

The Castle Mountains monument is located on the east side of the Mojave National Preserve near the Nevada border in a popular hunting area in…

Nat’l – New Products – S&W 329 Personal Defense 44 Mag 4″ 6rd Hiviz Sight Wood Grip Titanium

Smith & Wesson combined a scandium alloy frame with a titanium cylinder to build the strongest and lightest weight .44 Magnum revolver made. The result…maximum power in a small, lightweight, easy to carry package. Scandium alloy is used for small, medium and large frame revolvers. Smith & Wesson’s lightest and strongest revolvers deliver dependable power every time.  This model has a HiViz red dot front sight, adjustable rear, and…

NJ – Self-Protection – Christie’s gun gambit shot down, but the vulnerable need help (VIDEO)

NJ.COM December 26, 2016 – While everyone was busy flogging the Legislature last week for trying to champion Gov. Christie’s profitable and vengeful self-interests, lawmakers did something to prevent the mailman and the pizza delivery kid from brandishing Glocks. The governor had unilaterally changed state gun regulations by expanding the types of people who could carry firearms in public in April, after his handpicked commission decided that the “justifiable need” standard…

Nat’l – Opinion – Phantoms Of Gun Control

AMERICA’S FIRST FREEDOM (NRA) December 26, 2016 – Take, by way of example, the 17 “common-sense” “grassroots” groups whose support Hillary Clinton lauded in a late October press release. Seventeen sounds like a lot, right? And that Clinton has noticed them implies that they are a big deal? Of the 17 groups named, not a single one seems to be active. Taken together, the outfits constitute a ragtag collection…

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